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PDF Editor FAQ

What is a typical day like for a Sell-Side Equity Research associate?

I am an Equity Research analyst in nyc on the Telecom Services team. We cover >25 companies in the industry.My Day:wake up at 5-5.30am (NY time)Get ready by 6-6.30amCatch train/bus/cab or jog/cycle to office (no one drives in new york. Those who can afford parking here don't work in equity research)In office by 7amOut of office by 6pm-10pmgeneral rule of thumb in equity researchThe end goal is to make money by helping clients understand the company/industry and pitch my investment thesisSo we start with writing reports or analyse any "material" informationdiscover how the information impacts my coverage of 25 companiesfor that i need to track all the companies in the value chain (upstream/downstream), in addition to tracking any macro economic data like forex, interest rates etc...Answer every call from buy-side client - they are the only source of revenues for equity researchSpreadsheets are used for building company modelsWord (or similar product) is used to write the thesis which is then published as pdf for clientsPowerpoint is used for making simple presentations to clients or internal team (research or sales)With this in mind, lets discuss what i do on a typical day after 7am:7am to 9am - Listen to company conference calls if any, or present at internal morning call if any, or talk to sales or check news/markets for any changes vs last night9am - quick coffee/breakfast9am to 4pm - equity market opens. follow the trends. Most of the work happens in this slot. Write reports, work on models, talk to clientsLunch - sometime after noon - eat lunch at desk (either home cooked, leftovers or to-go from cafeteria, deli or restaurant)After 4pm - listen to company calls during earnings season. Else, work on a research product (initiation/new report/model/databse)ExceptionsOut of office to meet company executive(s) or meet a client at either the company office, factory, industry trade show, or client officeCarrying out channel checks (like visiting AT&T store to see the new phone, or calling up a supplier in China to check on order backlog)Attending an event/conference (like Tech conferences world over, product launches like iPhone6 launch, our own conference where we host a group of companies and only invite clients)Let me know if you want to know more

Is there any good equity research firm (in or outside India) that province subscription based services to retail investors in India?

Full disclosure: I am a Quant Researcher @ Wixifi.com - a robo investment advisory service.There are several good equity research firms in various shapes and sizes:Traditional Equity Research - These firms provide research reports in PDF format that qualitatively and sometimes quantitatively describe a company and its prospects along with the industry.Online recommendation service - These firms provide online recommendations on various stocks but typically do not track overall performance of their recommendations nor do they give portfolio allocation.Wixifi - is the only robo investment advisory service in India. It uses quantitative algorithms based on Nobel Prize winning theories that are mathematically sound to come up with a well-diversified, periodically rebalanced tax optimized low cost portfolio. The algorithm at work analyses thousands of securities to come up with a suitable portfolio for each risk level. Wixifi brings the power of quantitative algorithms to retail investors, which was earlier only available to HNIs (High Networth Individuals) and hedge funds. Please check out www.wixifi.com for more information and register for free.

How would I send an equity research report to a hedge fund?

Send it all as a PDF, that way you can ensure that what they are seeing is what you intend.They may have a different version or different fonts which could then destroy your presentation.

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