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What are the strongest majors in terms of job prospects and what are the weakest majors at East Tennessee State?

When I went there the strongest program was definitely education (ETSU used to be a state teachers college). Health professions were also strong. The vast majority of people I knew personally were education majors, including a lot of elementary education majors. Nursing, dental hygiene, predental, and premed, for example, were good programs. With the Quillen Medical School there now you can go straight from college to medical school in one place. I'm quite sure with the medical school, all of the sciences and other health related programs including those that came after my time have been given a substantial quality boost.I can't say anything about the weak side of the question since I was a hard science major. But I'd speculate that in some liberal arts areas that might be more squishy you'd need to do some digging into what kind of research professors in your area of interest are doing, publications, and national rankings. You need to consider your long term goals. I would expect the school to have stats on things like graduation rates and postgraduate stats (like how many are pursuing master's degrees and beyond such as professional school) and employment stats of graduates, etc.The school is still pretty nonselective in terms of admissions and costwise it is still a real bargain. It may not be true now, but when I was there, full professors taught the classes, not TAs. I happen to be a person who thinks it may be less important where you get your bachelor's degree and a lot more important where you get your master's or doctorate. I know several people pursuing bachelor's degrees who got into highly selective colleges that cost $$$ and didn't do all that well, dashing their dreams for medicine and law. It may be better to be a top student at a lower ranked university and get into a higher ranked graduate program. With the cost of higher education nowadays, this is a real concern for many people.One other issue that has really been on my personal radar recently due to campus unrest in the news is: what is the school's FIRE rating? East Tennessee State University - FIRE. The rating has to do in part with free speech. I was shocked to see that some of the most selective, most prestigious, and most costly universities in the United States have red light FIRE ratings. If this is the sort of issue that matters to you, consider it in relationship to your preferred course of study.

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