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PDF Editor FAQ

Who is Tripti Dimri?

Tripti Dimri's latest release Bulbbul has recieved a lot of positive acclaim from viewers. Launched via Netflix on 24th June, Bulbbul brings to light relevant social issues besides remaining a horror flick.Back in the day, Tripti Dimri got a call from a casting director to audition for Shreyas Talpade's Poster Boys, and with this, she made a promising debut in 2017, accompanied by two further movies. Previously, she was into modelling and was a part of quite a few commercials.Tripti Dimri always wanted to act. She claimed that her inspiration is her father, who dreamt to be an actor but couldn't.Her audition for Laila Majnu was a mere accident. Before grabbing the lead role in the Ekta Kapoor's Romantic production, she was down on her luck, auditioning for multiple sets. Interestingly, the model-turned-actor was camera shy at first.“I was camera shy. Later, my flatmate called to say that she was auditioning for Laila Majnu and asked me if I could come to the venue, so that we could go home together. When I reached, even I was asked to do a screen test. After a few days, I learnt that I had been selected.”Prior to Bollywood, Dimri always thought that she had no chance in films, and wished to do TV. She was confident that she might become a star on small-screen. The 26-year-old actor asserted that bagging the role wasn't easy. She got rejected in her first audition. When she got the script again, she told her agency that there is no point in trying it again as she was already rejected.Dimri has stated several times that outsiders don’t get it easy, and that she was not even expecting to get a film. She had auditioned for a lot of films and at the final stage, had been told that an established actor is doing the film. Since this has happened to her countless times, it was not on her mind and it came as a shocker for her when they took her for the film which has people like Imtiaz Ali and Ekta Kapoor attached to it.“A week before Laila Majnu released, I was in the vegetable market thinking that after its release I would become so popular that I won’t be able to buy vegetables because fans would recognise me. But nothing happened and nobody spoke about the film. I waited for six or seven months and no offers came along for a long time. I just waited… There were days when I woke up, wondering what to do with my day? There was nothing, but waiting,”Bulbbul was a game-changer. After it's release, twitter exploded with praises for the female-led supernatural thriller. Tripti Dimri felt "over the moon" seeing the success of her much celebrated period feminist film. She stated that things can get difficult if you are not living with your friends or family in Mumbai, that it’s more frustrating when you see your other friends going to work and you are feeling useless most times. But she utilised that waiting time to work on herself as an actor, and it paid off.“To be an actor, you have to have patience. Otherwise, just pack your bags and go home,”

What song should I do for my JYP online audition?

Sorry for the late reply,1.JYP is stated several times he doesn’t like hearing Trainees performing JYP songs. So don’t (for any other company either)2. If you are Korean and live in Korea give your introduction in Korean and sing your song in English, this shows you are bilingual. If you are Foreign, give your introduction in English and sing in Korean. The idea is to show you can adequately speak another language. Korean can be taught to you once accepted into the company but they will, prefer you to already know as much as possible.3. Pick a speciality, dance, rap, or vocals. Be realistic about your talents and weaknesses, the audition is not the place to show your weaker sides, hide them for as long as you can while trying to improve them.4. Practice. Please. Practice.5.Show your family and friends, especially those who know about your speciality or enjoy it, use their criticism constructively. If you can’t perform in front of them, don’t audition until you can, companies don’t like those that are majorly shy.6. The company will assign you a person if you make it into a group but think about how YOU want to be portrayed, if you are bubbly and happy SHOW THEM THAT so you don’t spend your career being someone you aren’t. Likewise if you are chilled and precise.7. If you are singing or rapping, DONT STAND STILL. Match your body movements to the song. If it as ballad, you should be calmer and your face should show the expressions, if you are rapping or singing an unbeat or girl crush song, move express the song through your movements.8. If in doubt, watch the auditions for the NIZI project, listen to the mistakes the judges pointed out and avoid doing them, likewise for positive things.Good luck darling, I wish you all the best.Peace✌️❤️

Do you have any incident when people change their behaviour after knowing you are an IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS?

I was chatting with him on WhatsApp. We are connected through Quora message then turns that on WhatsApp.After some chatting, I wish to talk with him as I always loved to talk.We start talking about Quora and then the topic railways which we both are interested. He is also Bengali so I can talk freely. After some time I know that he native place at my home district and approximately 75 km from my hometown. I performed my duties Many times there.And lastly, I asked what is his occupation. He said that he is also an Indian government employee. I asked for further. I don't have any idea which post he belongs to as he is so simple. I was very free to talk with him. As I am older than him he called me as Subhasis Da ( elder brother) and I talking with him by his name. After may time asking he finally revealed that he is UPSC cadre of Indian Audit and Account service.I am just speechless for some time. Now I hesitate to call him by his name. And I stop talking. He realises my problem and talking as previously. I say him I called you by your name but I don't know his position till then, so please don't mind. He is so gentle and down to earth that he easily comfortable me with his talking. And finally, we complete our conversation.It is very important learning for me. How can we keep ourselves like this?He is on Quora but I can't reveal his name as he doesn't want.Thanks for reading my answer.

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