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PDF Editor FAQ

How do I find my background check results?

Presuming that your employer obtained your background check through an outsourced service provider (background checking service or Consumer Reporting Agency), you have the right under the FCRA to obtain a copy of your background report. In California, Oklahoma and Minnesota, you have the right to obtain a free copy of your report if you check the appropriate box on the disclosure and consent for a background check - that you should have been presented with for signature. You need to contact the employer that would have procured your background check and ask them what company they use for background checks. In addition, if you were denied employment based in whole, or in part, on information contained in your background report, you should have been notified of the nature of the information that resulted in your rejection and provided a free copy of the report.If you are asking this question because you are under the impression that everyone has a background check on file, you would be incorrect in such an assumption.

Which undergraduate university is better for CS? Minnesota Twin Cities or Purdue?

I am not familiar with the standings of either university in various fields. The University of Minnesota is a huge, state funded school with many campuses. There will be students living on campus and commuting. I expect the student body is now ethnically diverse, with students from a wide socio-economic background. Purdue is a prestigious private school with high tuition. I would expect there would be more students from high socio-economic background. Both are in the Midwest so the climate is similar and as well the general culture of the area. For Minnesota, what campus you're on will depend upon what you major in. I think if money is not an issue, choose the school with the best academic standing in the field you wish to study in. My nephew, had he lived, was planning to attend Purdue to study aeronautical engineering. My family didn't have the money for private school and my father refused to participate in the disclosures required for financial aid, So my sister and I lived at home and commuted to the University of Minnesota.

Can you name all 50 states without looking?

All of them.Back in grade school, we 1st-4th graders learned the 50-State Song, which is basically, singing all the states in alphabetical order. I’m a little rusty, but I’ll sing it for you. It helps to imagine an Aaron Copland composition in the background.[Ahem]Alabama!Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, ConnecticutDelaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, IndianaIowa, Kansas, Kentucky, LouisianaMaine, Maryland, Massachusetts, MichiganMinnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, MontanaNebraskaaaaaNevadaaaaaNew Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North DakotaOhiiiiioooOklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas,Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming–Full disclosure, I forgot the melody after Ohio, so I stumbled across the finish line and left out four states the first time around. I had to go through the map in my mind to nail Vermont, Oklahoma, Washington, Wisconsin.Anyway, not bad, considering it was four decades ago.Thanks, Mrs. Baumunk.

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