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Irom Sharmila is fighting to remove it.AFSPA Fauran Hatao :A- AgricultureF- ForestryS- SugarcaneP- PoultryA- Animal HusbandryF- Fishery (Fauran)H- Horticulture (Hatao)8 Core Industries of India :CCC FRENSC- CoalC- Crude OilC- CementF- FertilizersR- Refinery ProductsE- ElectricityN- Natural GasS- SteelFive year plans:(Important Facts From First To Eleventh Five Year Plan)1. First five year plan (1951 -56)SIPCOTS - Social ServiceI - IndustryP - PowerCo - CommunicationT - Transport2. Second Five Year Plan (1956 -61)MADRASM - Mahalanobis ModelA - Atomic Energy CommissionD - Durgapur Steel Company, Tata Inst Of Fundamental ResearchR - Rourkela Steel Company, Rapid IndustrialisationA - AgricultureS - Socialistic Pattern Of Society3. Third Five Year Plan (1961-66)SADS - Self RelianceA - AgricultureD - Development Of Industry4.5. Fifth Five Year Plan (1974-79)PSTMP - Poverty EradicationS - Self RelianceT - Twenty Point ProgrammeM - Minimum Need Programme6. 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World Bank(WB)Ease of Doing BusinessWorld Development ReportLogistics Performance IndexEase of Living Index[WB- Warren Buffett. THE Warren BuffettSince he's a business tycoon-> so DOES his BUSINESS EASILY due to his great influence; EASILY LIVES HIS life since money can buy happiness; transports goods to customers easily(LOGISTICS) buy buying ships,aeroplanes,ola cab, uber cab that PERFORM exceptionally well, since too much money dawg!, no one disappoints him ; all this purchase helps him in creating jobs hence less poverty-> WORLD DEVELOPS]IMF(International Monetary Fund)World Economic OutlookGlobal Financial Stability ReportFiscal Monitor[IMF-> I M Fucked.So what do I do to change my situation? LOOK for ECONOMIC opportunities that could get me quick money(start playing poker). Once I get good at it, my FINANCIAL condition becomes STABLE and I start purchasing shit I don't need to impress people that I don't like. Too much transactions without paying taxes creates doubt in governments mind, so they start MONITORING my FISCAL transcations hence catching me because they can and making me pay my debts just like lannisters]. World Economic Forum(WEF)Global Competitiveness ReportTravel and Competitiveness ReportGender Gap IndexGlobal Risk ReportGlobal Information Technology Report[WEF-> WifeWives vs Wives -> COMPETITION between various wives in terms of getting at the top of economic ladder,dressing sense etcImagine anyone's wife. Let it be Genelia.Genelia loves TRAVELLING to new places with his hubby Ritesh Deshmukh but since he is always busy in politics and making movies, she decides to travel alone. She goes to rural households, encounters the GENDER GAP prevailing in rural household(4 boys to 1 girl and girl child getting less food as compared to girls) and also sees the vast RISKS involved in maintaing a poor house with no chimney->harmful gases inhaled. She decides to complain about it and passes the INFORMATION to TECH-giants like Google to spread awareness about it.]. International Energy Agency(IEA)World Energy OutlookSouth Asia Energy OutlookWorld Energy Investment[IEA-> Energy Agency->ONGCWhat does ONGC do? ONGC LOOKS to exploit new ENERGY resources to create Indian optimus prime and bumblebee.They go to SOUTH ASIA as too much terrorism in west and middle east. Plus they love momos.They found yellow metal cake(uranium) instead of oil(ENERGY) and started INVESTING in South Asia and start mining in their fields]. International Labour Organisation(ILO)World Employment DataSocial Outlook ReportBasic Needs Approach[ILO-> Labours Organisation.Labours of different organisation organise and form union, hence their number increase and too much DATA on their EMPLOYMENT stats(chaiwala,panwala) as they are from different company, shops, paan waa, chai wala etc.By organising their union they can demand for their rights more effectiveley and become more SOCIALLY active and LOOK out for each other. What kind of rights they demand? Since they are poor so they only demand small BASIC NEEDS of life like food,electricity to be met and then they can think about the pretentious needs of prevailing upper middle-class.]. World Wide Fund(WWF)Living Planet Report[WWF->wrestling.Since the wrestlers are the most fit with their 6-pack abs so they are sent first to space exploration to look for a LIVING PLANET and fight with them bare handed first, bazooka later.]Key for any answer on Environment in mains → MC-FACTRM: Mitigation (Kyoto/Paris/Mitigation CO2/GHG/Ozone/Montreal/Kigali/HCFCs/HFCs/Euro/Bharat Emission norms/Aviation climate deal/Fly Ash reuse)C: Capacity Building (National Solar Mission/Green Grid/Green Corridor/Sendai Framework)F: Finance (GCF/GEF/CDM/CC/Climate International Fund (WB)/BioFin/Addis Ababa Action Agenda (SDG)/Carbontax Green Bonds/Green Masala bonds/Coal Cess/Polluters Pay Principle/CAMPA Fund)A: AdaptationNAPCC (National Action Plan for Climate Change) → SEHWAG HK· S: National Solar Mission· E: National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency· H: National Mission on Sustainable Habitat· W: National Water Mission· A: National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture· G: National Mission for a Green India· H: National Mission for the Himalaya Ecosystem· K: National Mission on Strategic Knowledge Climate ChangeEnergy Conservation Building Code (GRIHA)Urban Waste Management/RecyclingPower Production from waterElectronic VehicleIncentives for use of Public transportsWater use efficiency through pricingAfforestation - GM/Drought resistance cropsC: Commitment (NDCs (Paris)/ SDGs/BRoSM/Basel/Rotterdam/ Stockholm (PoP)/Minamata/ RE TargetT: Technology Transfer - CDM/GEFR: Review -> Periodic Review (Update Target/Check Progress/Course Correction/ Capability & Capacity Building)PATNA : To remember Missiles under integrated program.PrithviAgniTrishulNagAkash

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