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If you take an interest in Tailorize and create a Application Form, here are the simple ways you need to follow:

  • Hit the "Get Form" Button on this page.
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  • You can erase, text, sign or highlight as what you want.
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How to Easily Edit Application Form Online

CocoDoc has made it easier for people to Modify their important documents via online browser. They can easily Fill according to their choices. To know the process of editing PDF document or application across the online platform, you need to follow these simple ways:

  • Open the website of CocoDoc on their device's browser.
  • Hit "Edit PDF Online" button and Import the PDF file from the device without even logging in through an account.
  • Edit your PDF file by using this toolbar.
  • Once done, they can save the document from the platform.
  • Once the document is edited using the online platform, the user can easily export the document through your choice. CocoDoc ensures that you are provided with the best environment for carrying out the PDF documents.

How to Edit and Download Application Form on Windows

Windows users are very common throughout the world. They have met lots of applications that have offered them services in editing PDF documents. However, they have always missed an important feature within these applications. CocoDoc wants to provide Windows users the ultimate experience of editing their documents across their online interface.

The procedure of modifying a PDF document with CocoDoc is easy. You need to follow these steps.

  • Select and Install CocoDoc from your Windows Store.
  • Open the software to Select the PDF file from your Windows device and go ahead editing the document.
  • Modify the PDF file with the appropriate toolkit presented at CocoDoc.
  • Over completion, Hit "Download" to conserve the changes.

A Guide of Editing Application Form on Mac

CocoDoc has brought an impressive solution for people who own a Mac. It has allowed them to have their documents edited quickly. Mac users can fill PDF form with the help of the online platform provided by CocoDoc.

For understanding the process of editing document with CocoDoc, you should look across the steps presented as follows:

  • Install CocoDoc on you Mac to get started.
  • Once the tool is opened, the user can upload their PDF file from the Mac in minutes.
  • Drag and Drop the file, or choose file by mouse-clicking "Choose File" button and start editing.
  • save the file on your device.

Mac users can export their resulting files in various ways. They can download it across devices, add it to cloud storage and even share it with others via email. They are provided with the opportunity of editting file through various methods without downloading any tool within their device.

A Guide of Editing Application Form on G Suite

Google Workplace is a powerful platform that has connected officials of a single workplace in a unique manner. If users want to share file across the platform, they are interconnected in covering all major tasks that can be carried out within a physical workplace.

follow the steps to eidt Application Form on G Suite

  • move toward Google Workspace Marketplace and Install CocoDoc add-on.
  • Upload the file and Press "Open with" in Google Drive.
  • Moving forward to edit the document with the CocoDoc present in the PDF editing window.
  • When the file is edited at last, download it through the platform.

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What motivates Melania Trump?

I’m going to have to think on this one for a bit. Young Melania Knavs spent 27 years growing up in a tiny, largely industrial Balkans village called Sevnica, population 5,000, inside the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union. She was beautiful, had ambition, and dreaded following her father by working in an automobile manufacturing plant or her mother by working in a textile mill. So I’d say what motivated Melania Knavs was getting the hell out of a life with a demonstrably bleak future if she didn’t skedaddle.Sevnica, Slovenia. Or as Melania Knavs Trump calls it: The place she couldn’t wait to escape.According to Melania’s elementary schoolmate and pal Mirjana Jelancic, "[Melania] often used to say that Sevnica was too small for her. She read a lot, had big dreams, and loved going to Ljubljana—she would visit the city regularly, even if it was just for a day. She was so happy when she started high school there."Her chances of making that kind of life for herself in Slovenia, or even Yugoslavia, were small. "The owner of a modeling agency invited her to Milan and to the United States," Jelancic said in an April 2016 interview with Vice. "That's how she left."Above: Slovenian photographer Stane Jerko, who discovered Melania in 1988 when she was 17. The photos he took got her out of Sevnica and into occasional modeling in Europe. Melania spent more of her time attending modeling industry events and networking than she did as a working fashion model.In 1998, at a party thrown by Italian-born US modeling mogul Paolo Zampolli in New York, Melania met Donald Trump. Zampolli said in an interview that he had signed Melania to his agency, seeing in her someone who was "stable and focused."While not disputing Zampolli’s version of events, Donald Trump’s friend Jeffrey Epstein—a convicted pedophile and exhaustively documented trafficker of young girls for sex with Epstein’s prominent friends—had frequently boasted that he “played matchmaker” when he introduced Melania to Trump.Did I mention that one of Jeffrey Epstein’s prominent friends was Alan “The Dersh” Dershowitz? Read the link…She was 28 at the time, and Donald Trump was 52. They dated for more than six years before their 2005 marriage. In a nod to her more traditional side, Melania forced Trump to fly home with her to Slovenia: she was adamant that Trump ask for and receive the blessing of her father, a man two years younger than her future husband.Trump was so unenthusiastic about traveling across the globe to a tiny village where nobody knew him that he flew back to Queens the same day they arrived, just hours after obtaining the necessary blessing from Dad.Melania became a legal resident of the United States in 2001, and four years later she signed the prenup and married Donald: Melania Knavs became Melania Trump.Trump reportedly hired an immigration attorney to obtain a “Genius Visa” for his part-time fashion model wife-to-be. The Genius Visa, formally known as an EB-1A Green Card, is reserved for “aliens able to demonstrate extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education or business” and those with a proven record in their country of origin as “an outstanding professor or researcher, or a multinational executive or senior manager” through “sustained national or international acclaim.”The USCIS, which issues green cards, says in the Genius Visa application that “Your achievements must be recognized in your field through extensive documentation, which must be included with this form.”At the time of Melania’s application for the EB-1A Genius Visa, her list of accomplishments that “tangibly, financially or in opportunities applicants will provide US citizens and the United States generally” and can only be realized by “applicant’s residency in the United States as a legal alien” were:Appearances as a model in Europe at “several” runway fashion showsA photograph in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit editionAppearing on a Times Square billboard advertising Camel CigarettesDating Donald TrumpOnly five people received EB-1A Genius Visas from the Balkans in 2001, including Melania. That year, only 3,376 of 1,000,000 visas issued by the United States were granted to immigrants like Melania “with extraordinary abilities”. That’s a fraction of one percent.When Trump announced his candidacy for president in 2015, the media began a more intense review of Trump’s background, which included the means by which his wife obtained such a coveted and rare Green Card without any record of Melania meeting any of the 10 criteria required for the EB-1A. An unnamed source within the US government involved with evaluating Genius Visa applications told the New York Daily News that Melania’s submission was “troublesome” and “lacked any substantial documentation.” The official said that this would usually lead to an automatic denial of this or any residency visa.The actual documents submitted and the visa application have never been located or produced by the USCIS, despite multiple Freedom of Information Act requests from the press. FOIA requests for immigrant visas aren’t typically denied, and there is no national security or secrecy basis that would prevent complying with a FOIA order in most circumstances.According to a Trump family lawyer at the time, Melania alternatively misplaced her copy of the paperwork, never received a copy, or “cited privacy and security concerns in refusing to produce the records.” The lawyer, Michael Wildes, also announced that “she was more than amply qualified and solidly eligible for the Extraordinary Ability Green Card [EB-1A]” and said “no further comment will be issued to protect Mrs. Trump’s privacy.”It’s not for me to say whether Melania is happier with the life she chose than the life chance offered her in a backwater hamlet in a war-torn region of the world. She left Slovenia behind, but managed to keep her thick Slovenian accent to this very day. And First Lady is nothing to scoff at as far as rare and historic accomplishments go.But I suspect she didn’t anticipate her otherwise disorganized husband would have her sign a prenuptial agreement that attorneys for two of Trump’s wives before Melania described as “bulletproof”, “mercurial” and “almost comically structured to favor Trump and disadvantage whichever wife made the poor decision to sign it.”And I bet Melania is not super-happy knowing that while she was home in New York City recovering from the birth of their newborn son, Barron, her husband was in Los Angeles screwing not one but two Playboy models, one of whom is also an accomplished hardcore porn actress. Not super-happy one bit.SOURCES & REFERENCE:Jeffrey Epstein boasted that he played matchmaker for Donald and Melania Trump, report saysAfter the 2016 election, Jeffrey Epstein tried to play up his friendship with the new president, Donald Trump by saying that he introduced him to his third wife, Melania. in Melania Trump's immigration story raise questionsA racy photo shoot is prompting fresh scrutiny of the would-be first lady's early visits to the United States. TrumpFormer First Lady of the United States Melania Trump (; born Melanija Knavs ; [mɛˈlaːnija ˈknaːu̯s] , Germanized as Melania Knauss ; German pronunciation: [mɛlani:a knaʊ̯s] , April 26, 1970) is a Slovene-American former model and businesswoman. She was the First Lady of the United States from 2017 to 2021, during the presidency of her husband, Donald Trump . Trump grew up in Slovenia (then part of Yugoslavia ) and worked as a fashion model through agencies in the European fashion capitals of Milan and Paris before moving to New York City in 1996. She was associated with Irene Marie Models and Trump Model Management . She married the real estate developer and TV personality Donald Trump in 2005 and gave birth to their son Barron in 2006. Later that year she became an American citizen. Early life, family, and education Melanija Knavs was born in Novo Mesto , Slovenia , then part of Yugoslavia , on April 26, 1970. [3] [4] Her father, Viktor Knavs (born March 24, 1944), was from the nearby town of Radeče and managed car and motorcycle dealerships for a state-owned vehicle manufacturer. [5] [6] Her mother Amalija ( née Ulčnik) (born July 9, 1945) came from the village of Raka and worked as a patternmaker at the children's clothing manufacturer Jutranjka in Sevnica . [7] [8] As a child, Melania and other children of workers at the factory participated in fashion shows that featured children's clothing. [9] She has an older sister, Ines, who is an artist and her "longtime confidant", [10] [11] [12] and an older half-brother—whom she reportedly has never met—from her father's previous relationship. [13] [14] Knavs grew up in a modest apartment in a housing block in Sevnica, in the Lower Sava Valley . [15] [16] Her father was in the League of Communists of Slovenia , which espoused a policy of state atheism . [17] As was common, however, he had his daughters secretly baptized as Catholic . When the Trumps met Pope Francis at the Vatican in 2017, Melania brought her rosary and asked the Pope to bless it. [18] [19] When Knavs was a teenager, she moved with her family to a two-story house in Sevnica. [20] As a high-school student, she lived in a high-rise apartment in Ljubljana . She attended the Secondary School of Design and Photography in the city [21] and studied architecture and design at the University of Ljubljana for one year before she dropped out. [22] [23] [24] Career Melania Trump at QVC Red Carpet Style Party, 2011 Knavs began modeling at five years old and started doing commercial work at sixteen when she posed for the Slovenian fashion photographer Stane Jerko. [25] [26] When she began working as a model, she adapted the Slovene version of her last name "Knavs" to the German version "Knauss". [27] At eighteen, Knauss signed with a modeling agency in Milan , Italy. [28] In 1992, she was named runner-up in the Jana Magazine " Look of the Year " contest, held in Ljubljana , which promised its top three contestants an international modeling contra did Melania secure a "genius visa" for "extraordinary ability" while dating Trump?Immigration experts have questioned how Melania Trump gained permanent legal residency. Just Had To Think About Alan Dershowitz’s Underwear And Now So Do YouThis guy's supposed to be a lawyer, right? did Melania Trump get an 'Einstein visa'?In 2001 Melania Knauss scored a coveted visa reserved for people of "extraordinary ability". Daniels said she and Trump had sex four months after Melania gave birth to their son"I actually don't even know why I did it," the adult-film star says.

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