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How can one live life to the fullest?

A weird and somewhat morbid thought occurs to me from time to time. When I am on a plane and the turbulence hits, when a car veers out into traffic, when I hear about someone I know who died suddenly: I don’t get scared. I just think, “If this is it, alright.”This is a wonderful place to be.So while it might seem morbid to say that I’d be happy going at any moment, it’s actually a wonderful way to live. It’s something I feel quite lucky to be able to say. And yet, I also know that it wasn’t a result of luck, but of a certain philosophical way of thinking and, of course, a lot of hard decisions.Here are 40 things that I believe helped me reach this point where I can say, “I’ve lived a full life.”1. Do Ridiculous ThingsThere’s no story behind how my wife and I came to own a goat except that we asked ourselves: Why not? So we got a goat and had Smitty’s BBQ on the way home and called it a day.2. Not What Will Pay The Most, But What Will Teach Me The Most?This is how I have evaluated my career and job opportunities (and book projects too). There are lots of ways to make money, fewer real opportunities to learn.3. Quit Dicking AroundThe books I’ve been fortunate enough to write were not the result of mad sprints of intensity. I get up every day and work on them. One right after another. While I’m waiting for one to come back from the printer, I am hard at work on the next one. Basically, I’m not dicking around. 30 years is so much time. One year is so much time. Wake up every day and do a little more. Dick around a little less. See what happens.4. “The Right Time is Right Now.”This is Casey Neistat’s line. It’s great. When I moved to a farm, do you know how many people I heard from telling me they’ve always wanted to do that? Let me tell you, it wasn’t a tough vetting process. It’s not like getting into Harvard. If you think you want to do it, do it.5. Get Married. Be in a Long Term Relationship.People say they want to end up with someone, they say they want to get married someday, and then what do they do? Everything but what makes that possible. Pick a person and be in a relationship already.It’s the best thing you will ever do. It’s a lot of work. It will be painful and tough at times. But it is better than the affluenza of Tinder. I’m not saying settle, but I am saying that relationships are great because you make them great, not because you search until you magically find one that’s already perfect.And enough with this polyamory nonsense. Maybe it makes .01% of the population happier, but the fact that they need to sell everyone on it so much makes me think it’s probably not working for them either. Neil Strauss wrote a wonderful book about this, don’t waste a decade of your life being an idiot.6. Steer Clear of Charlatans and the ToxicRegular friend purges are a must. So are influence purges (the sources of information you follow). You become who you know. You conform to your surroundings. Make sure those two facts are taking you in a direction you want to go.7. Keep a JournalEach morning, usually after a long walk on my farm, I go upstairs to my office and pull out three small notebooks. In the first one—a small blue gold leafed notebook—I write one sentence about the day that just passed.In the next, a black moleskine, I journal two quick pages about yesterday’s workout (how far I ran or swam), what work I did, any notable occurrences, and some lines about what I am grateful for, what I want to get better at, and where I am succeeding.And then finally, I pick up The Daily Stoic Journal to prepare for the day ahead by meditating on a short prompt: Where am I standing in my own way? What’s the smallest step I can take toward a big thing today? What blessings can I count right now? Why do I care so much about impressing people? What is the harder choice I’m avoiding? Do I rule my fears, or do they rule me? How will today’s difficulties show my character?The whole ritual takes maybe 15 minutes and then it’s done. By the time I am finished, I am centered, I am calm and most importantly, I am primed to do the actual creative work by which I make my living.8. Hell Yes or Hell No is Too SimpleMost of the best decisions I made would have failed that test. I was scared. I had doubts. I didn’t know if it was what I really wanted. Life is complicated and life decisions are about weighing the odds, not black and white certainties.9. Live in New York or Los Angeles (Or a City Like That)…but not for long. It’s good to test yourself in a big city. It’s good to feel the energy of millions of people coursing through your veins. But leave before you become jaded by it or addicted to it. Leave before it changes your lifestyle.10. The Quiet Moments Are The BestThere is a line from Lao Tzu. “Peace is in the emptiness. Emptiness is in the fast of the mind.” It’s in the quiet, still moments that we feel what matters in life. Standing on the shore of a lake. Looking out over a canyon. Resting your head against someone else’s. It’s a shortage of these moments that give rise to the feeling that we haven’t lived enough, that we have to keep going. Seeking them out, encouraging them is what makes you feel like you’ve done plenty.11. Have a PhilosophyPete Carroll talks about his turning point as a coach, when he realized he was just winging it. So he stopped and wrote down his entire coaching philosophy. Now he has something to measure himself against.“Man is pushed by drives,” Viktor Frankl once observed, “but he is pulled by values.” What are those values? When presented with a choice–which path do you choose? What rules do you live by?Well, what’s yours? Don’t wing it through your 20s. Sketch them out. They’re easier to follow that way.Focus. Live by something.12. Make Time For Real Philosophy TooAs Seneca said, “Of all people, only those are at leisure who make time for philosophy, only those are really alive. For they not only keep a good watch over their own lifetimes, but they annex every age to theirs.”13. Exercise Every Single DayDon’t let yourself get to the point where you feel like some day in the future you’d like to lose weight or be in shape. Be in shape. Make exercise part of your job, part of your duties as a human being. Let endorphins be something you give yourself every day.14. Don’t Compare Yourself To Other PeopleCaesar famously wept at the feet of a statue of Alexander the Great. “Do you not think it is matter for sorrow that while Alexander, at my age, was already king of so many peoples, I have as yet achieved no brilliant success?” he http://said.Um, you were both fucking terrible. And now you’re both gone. Who cares whether so-and-so did this or that earlier than you? Who cares that so-and-so had more?15. Sooner Is Not BetterI had this idea that I wanted to be a millionaire by 25. Where this number came from, I don’t know. I made it up, it was ego, and I didn’t hit it. But you know what the difference of getting there a little later was? Nothing. No one throws you a party. Accomplishments don’t change who you are.16. Meditate on Your MortalityThe whole point of this post: Don’t shy away from thinking about death. Reminding ourselves each day that we will die helps us treat our time as a gift. Someone on a deadline doesn’t indulge himself with attempts at the impossible, he doesn’t waste time complaining about how he’d like things to be.They figure out what they need to do and do it, fitting in as much as possible before the clock expires. They figure out how, when that moment strikes, to say, Of course, I would have liked to last a little longer, but I made a lot of out what I was already given so this works too.Think about death a lot. I like Marcus Aurelius’s line: “Are you afraid of death because you won’t be able to do this anymore?” For “this” plug in so much of the crap we waste our time with.17. Be ResponsibleI have a life insurance policy. I have money saved. If something happens to me, people I care about will be taken care of. The Avocado Toast guy was right. A lot of people are spending money on shit they can’t afford and then they want to blame other people for it.18. But Not Too ResponsibleThe reason they will be taken care of and that I feel creatively and professionally satisfied, is that I have taken a lot of big risks. I dropped out of college (this gave me a two-year head start on a lot of people). I left a good job. I bit off more than I could chew many times.19. The Two Play Off Each OtherWhy could I take those risks? Because I had been responsible. I had money saved. I knew what was important to me. I had built a support network. I eliminated the tiny risks so I could take the right ones. I wasn’t spinning the “How will I pay my bills this month?” wheel like so many people unnecessarily are. As I said, do the irresponsible things — because it averages out the ultra-responsible choices you made elsewhere.20. Don’t Live Like Every Day Is Your LastIn The Daily Stoic, I say that living every day like it’s your last is insane. That would mean zero planning or foresight. Instead, live like it’s the last day of before a deployment. You’d handle your business. You’d spend time with loved ones. You’d cherish your alone time. You’d have fun. That’s how you should live day to day.21. Travel (With Purpose)Nothing has wasted more millennial time than the cult of travel for its own sake. So you’ve been to Africa? And? So you’ve spent a month in hostels in Thailand? Yes? What did you really learn there, that you couldn’t have gotten from some other source? What did you really do? What was the purpose of any of it? Wisdom doesn’t come from going places. Not if you, as Emerson said, “brought ruins to ruins.”22. Be Prematurely OldI’ve always had trouble relating to kids in my generation.Other than my wife and a few exceptions, most of my friends are much older and always seem to have been. As I’ve achieved some semblance of success, my peers have tended to be older too.The result is that I feel old all the time.When I hear someone say they are ‘adulting’ like it’s a funny exception to how they normally are, I think, “There is a person who is going to wake up one day and think about where all the years went.”But when you hear someone is an “old soul,” you think, “Man, they have their shit together.” Young people are stupid. Old people are wise. Which do you want to be?23. Remember the Law of Diminishing ReturnsFor instance with travel — it’s great, but two years of backpacking through Europe is two years of your life. Who is to say you have that much time? Chances are, at some point, you extracted most of the value of whatever it is you’re doing, but you’re just coasting now.A year in New York can be transformative, ten years will ossify you.Be willing to call things when the diminishing returns set in, it’s how you move on when others are stuck.24. Study the Lives of the GreatsRead Plutarch. Read Vasari. Read Caro’s biographies of LBJ. Not to compare yourself, as I said, but to learn. The dissections of the lives of powerful, ambitious people will teach you so much, and save you some much pain and heartache and disaster.25. Don’t Waste Time Being OffendedGod, how much precious energy is spilled fighting online, shouting in other people’s faces. A well-ordered person never thinks, “How dare they?” because they don’t have those kinds of expectations of other people and they don’t think their own feelings are other people’s problem.26. Buy a HouseNot at 20, not before you can afford it obviously, and not some expensive albatross that weighs you down, but something reasonable, that you love. If I had bought an apartment I’d look at when I was 22, I don’t know if I would have left my job to become a writer. If I hadn’t bought a house when I was 26, I don’t think I would have truly understood what I wanted out of life and where I was happy — I’d still be moving, still be too busy.Owning a home is having a home. It’s somewhere I want to get back to. The center I revolve around. My friend Nils likes to say that people who don’t own walls with art on them are running from something. I think he’s right.27. Work a LotEveryone loves to repeat that line, “On your deathbed, you won’t be happy you worked so much.” Um, I’m very proud of what I do. I will be reflecting happily on all of it. What no one sits there and thinks is how glad they are that they got good at video games, how many restaurants they ate at, the time they spent chasing girls or boys, or political arguments they got into. There are many many many more wasteful and regrettable things we do than work.Pouring yourself into something you believe contributes to the world is one of the best ways to feel content and accomplished. Don’t sell this short.28. Drive across the United StatesNo one should die before they have done this.29. Psychedelics Are A Dead EndI certainly have smart friends who will disagree with this, but I haven’t heard a single person tell me something they learned on psychotropic drugs that couldn’t have been learned quietly sitting with their own thoughts. I haven’t heard anything from them that I haven’t heard in a book. If your trip to the jungle in Peru is the magical solution to all your problems, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. You’re looking for shortcuts. Life is not found in shortcuts, but in doing the hard stuff (and if it really did work, then why are do they need to them over and over and over again? Hallucinogens are to insight what Oxy is to pain relief).30. Don’t Be A HaterMy biggest regret is time I have spent being envious or jealous or hating. Hating doesn’t make anyone better. It only makes you unhappier. “Hate will get you every time.” Life is too short. Find what you love about people, what you can be grateful for in them, even if that is a minor part of them.31. Read Books. Lots of ThemAny fool can learn by experience, I prefer to learn by the experiences of others, is how Bismark put it. The amount of dumb things I’ve managed to avoid because I learned the lesson in advance? Too many to count.32. Have a KidI used to see people in restaurants with kids and sort of pity them. The other day I was in a restaurant with my kid, having a great time and then I realized: Shit, these people have been having all the fun. I was the one being an idiot.Obviously, I would like to live until I’m 90 so I can spend as many years as possible with my son, but as Paul Kalanithi says in When Breath Becomes Air, every minute you do have is a blessing and comfort.33. Seriously, You Can Do Whatever You WantThat Steve Jobs line about how the rules were made up by people no smarter than you. Make sure you’re not conforming to needless constraints about how to dress, how to live, what’s important, how things must be done. The more value you deliver in life, the most freedom and power you have.34. Avoid CompetitionSometimes competition makes you better, but more often than not, as Peter Thiel explained, it just eats up resources. Don’t spend precious years of your life in trench warfare or in a stalemate. Go where there is no competition — seek out the blue oceans. The best way to do that? Be you. Do only the things you can do.35. Know Your WhyYou have to know why you do what you do — what you prize and what’s important to you. Or you will be endlessly comparing yourself against other people, which will not only be a major distraction, it will make you miserable.36. Know What’s “Enough”If you don’t know what “enough” is, then the default answer is always more. More money, more promotions, more attention. You have to know when you can say no — so you don’t overreach and lose it all.37. Get the Big Things RightThere’s the old Benjamin Franklin line about being a penny wise but a pound foolish. It’s the same thing with time management. Most people get the little things right and the big things wrong — and then wonder why they don’t get much done.38. A To-Do List Every DayEvery day, have a to-do list. Even on the weekends. A simple, straightforward one. One notecard, 5-6 big items and that’s it. Every day, I cross these off and tear up the card. That’s it. That’s the system.Not because it’s about drowning yourself in work, but so you can always be moving forward. Check the stuff off, don’t wing it. Use Tim Ferriss’s question: “If this were the only thing I accomplished today, would I be satisfied with my day?”39. Design The Ideal DaySo many people have big goals for the future. I think it’s better to know what your perfect day looks like.If you don’t know what your ideal day looks like, how are you ever going to make decisions or plans for ensuring that you actually get to experience them on a regular basis? It’s important to take an inventory of the most enjoyable and satisfying days of your life. What did you do? Why did you like them? Now be sure that your job, personal life, even the place you’ve chosen to live takes you towards these, not away from them.I know my ideal day and more importantly, I know when I have gotten too far from it. Life is too short to not live the way you want.40. Learning Is Not EnoughIt’s very easy for learning to go in one ear and out the other. Making a concerted effort to record and process what you’re observing and being taught helps prevent that. If you read a lot, take notes on what you read and transfer those notes into a commonplace book, where you can organize your thoughts. Repeating and reiterating what you’ve learned helps make connections and improve memory. Organizing it into a system means it will be so much easier to retrieve when you need it.***I’ll end this post with a paragraph from Mozart, who lived to be 35 but filled those years with many, many decades of life and work.“I have now made a habit of being prepared in all affairs of life for the worst. As death, when we come to consider it closely, is the true goal of our existence, I have formed during the last few years such close relationships with this best and truest friend of mankind that his image is not only no longer terrifying to me but is indeed very soothing and consoling, and I thank my God for graciously granting me the opportunity of learning that death is the key which unlocks the door to our true happiness. I never lie down at night without reflecting that — young as I am — I may not live to see another day. Yet not one of all my acquaintances could say that in my company I am morose or disgruntled. For this blessing I daily thank my creator.”Like to Read?I’ve created a list of 15 books you’ve never heard of that will alter your worldview and help you excel at your career.Get the secret book list here!

What are the projects that can be done related to data analytics?

With the “Data world” we are living in there is no such area that we can’t do data analytics.This is a very good resource which I got from Kaggle : Data Science Use CasesMarketingPredicting Lifetime Value (LTV)what for: if you can predict the characteristics of high LTV customers, this supports customer segmentation, identifies upsell opportunties and supports other marketing initiativesusage: can be both an online algorithm and a static report showing the characteristics of high LTV customersWallet share estimationworking out the proportion of a customer's spend in a category accrues to a company allows that company to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunitiesusage: can be both an online algorithm and a static report showing the characteristics of low wallet share customerscompetitions :Churnworking out the characteristics of churners allows a company to product adjustments and an online algorithm allows them to reach out to churnersusage: can be both an online algorithm and a statistic report showing the characteristics of likely churnersCustomer segmentationIf you can understand qualitatively different customer groups, then we can give them different treatments (perhaps even by different groups in the company). Answers questions like: what makes people buy, stop buying etcusage: static reportProduct mixWhat mix of products offers the lowest churn? eg. Giving a combined policy discount for home + auto = low churnusage: online algorithm and static reportCross selling/Recommendation algorithms/Given a customer's past browsing history, purchase history and other characteristics, what are they likely to want to purchase in the future?usage: online algorithmUp sellingGiven a customer's characteristics, what is the likelihood that they'll upgrade in the future?usage: online algorithm and static reportcompetitions: Springleaf Marketing Response (evaluation: area under the ROC curve )Channel optimizationwhat is the optimal way to reach a customer with certain characteristics?usage: online algorithm and static reportDiscount targetingWhat is the probability of inducing the desired behavior with a discountusage: online algorithm and static reportReactivation likelihoodWhat is the reactivation likelihood for a given customerusage: online algorithm and static reportcompetitions : Acquire Valued Shoppers Challenge (evaluation: area under the ROC curve) Predicting Red Hat Business Value (evaluation: area under the ROC curve)Adwords optimization and ad buyingcalculating the right price for different keywords/ad slotsTarget marketUnderstanding the target helps you determine exactly what your products or services will be, and what kind of customer service tactics work bestusage: static reportcompetitions: TalkingData Mobile User Demographics (evaluation: multi-class logarithmic loss)SalesLead prioritizationWhat is a given lead's likelihood of closingrevenue impact: supports growthusage: online algorithm and static reportcompetition: Predicting Red Hat Business Value (evaluation: area under the ROC curve)Demand forecastingcompetitions: Rossmann Store Sales (evaluation: Root Mean Square Percentage Error (RMSPE) )LogisticsDemand forecastingHow many of what thing do you need and where will we need them? (Enables lean inventory and prevents out of stock situations.)revenue impact: supports growth and militates against revenue leakageusage: online algorithm and static reportRiskCredit riskTreasury or currency riskHow much capital do we need on hand to meet these requirements?Fraud detectionpredicting whether or not a transaction should be blocked because it involves some kind of fraud (eg credit card fraud)Accounts Payable RecoveryPredicting the probably a liability can be recovered given the characteristics of the borrower and the loanAnti-money launderingUsing machine learning and fuzzy matching to detect transactions that contradict AML legislation (such as the OFAC list)Customer supportCall centersCall routing (ie determining wait times) based on caller id history, time of day, call volumes, products owned, churn risk, LTV, etc.Call center message optimizationPutting the right data on the operator's screenCall center volume forecastingpredicting call volume for the purposes of staff rosteringHuman ResourcesResume screeningscores resumes based on the outcomes of past job interviews and hiresEmployee churnpredicts which employees are most likely to leaveTraining recommendationrecommends specific training based of performance review dataTalent managementlooking at objective measures of employee successOperationDetecting employeetracking work hours or detecting employee thievescompetitions: (related)State Farm Distracted Driver Detection (evaluation: multi-class logarithmic loss)Use Cases By VerticalHealthcareClaims review prioritizationpayers picking which claims should be reviewed by manual auditorsMedicare/medicaid fraudTackled at the claims processors, EDS is the biggest & uses proprietary techMedical resources allocationHospital operations managementOptimize/predict operating theatre & bed occupancy based on initial patient visitsAlerting and diagnostics from real-time patient dataEmbedded devices (productized algos)Exogenous data from devices to create diagnostic reports for doctorsPrescription compliancePredicting who won't comply with their prescriptionsPhysician attritionHospitals want to retain Drs who have admitting privileges in multiple hospitalsSurvival analysisAnalyse survival statistics for different patient attributes (age, blood type, gender, etc) and treatmentsMedication (dosage) effectivenessAnalyse effects of admitting different types and dosage of medication for a diseaseReadmission riskPredict risk of re-admittance based on patient attributes, medical history, diagnose & treatmentConsumer FinancialCredit card fraudBanks need to prevent, and vendors need to preventRetail (FMCG - Fast-moving consumer goods)PricingOptimize per time period, per item, per storeWas dominated by Retek, but got purchased by Oracle in 2005. Now Oracle Retail.JDA is also a player (supply chain software)Location of new storesPioneerd by TescoDominated by BuxtonSite Selection in the Restaurant Industry is Widely Performed via Pitney Bowes AnySiteProduct layout in storesThis is called "plan-o-gramming"Merchandizingwhen to start stocking & discontinuing product linesInventory Management (how many units)In particular, perishable goodsShrinkage analyticsTheft analytics/prevention ( AnalyticsRates of failure for different componentsAnd what are the drivers or parts?What types of customers buying what types of products are likely to actually redeem a warranty?Market Basket AnalysisCannibalization AnalysisNext Best Offer Analysis store traffic patterns (fairly virgin territory)InsuranceClaims predictionMight have telemetry dataClaims handling (accept/deny/audit), managing repairer network (auto body, doctors)Price sensitivityInvestmentsAgent & branch performanceDM, product mixConstructionContractor performanceIdentifying contractors who are regularly involved in poor performing productsDesign issue predictionPredicting that a construction project is likely to have issues as early as possibleLife SciencesIdentifying biomarkers for boxed warnings on marketed productsDrug/chemical discovery & analysisCrunching study resultsIdentifying negative responses (monitor social networks for early problems with drugs)Diagnostic test developmentHardware devicesSoftwareDiagnostic targeting (CRM)Predicting drug demand in different geographies for different productsPredicting prescription adherence with different approaches to reminding patientsPutative safety signalsSocial media marketing on competitors, patient perceptions, KOL feedbackImage analysis or GCMS analysis in a high throughput mannerAnalysis of clinical outcomes to adapt clinical trial designCOGS optimizationLeveraging molecule database with metabolic stability data to elucidate new stable structuresHospitality/ServiceInventory management/dynamic pricingPromos/upgrades/offersTable management & reservationsWorkforce management (also applies to lots of verticals)Electrical grid distributionKeep AC frequency as constant as possibleSeems like a very "online" algorithmManufacturingSensor data to look at failuresQuality managementIdentifying out-of-bounds manufacturingVisual inspection/computer visionOptimal run speedsDemand forecasting/inventory managementWarranty/pricingTravelAircraft schedulingSeat mgmt, gate mgmtAir crew schedulingDynamic pricingCustomer complain resolution (give points in exchange)Call center stuffMaintenance optimizationTourism forecastingAgricultureYield management (taking sensor data on soil quality - common in newer John Deere et al truck models and determining what seed varieties, seed spacing to use etcMall OperatorsPredicting tenants capacity to pay based on their sales figures, their industryPredicting the best tenant for an open vacancy to maximise over all sales at a mallEducationAutomated essay scoringUtilitiesOptimise Distribution Network Cost Effectiveness (balance Capital 7 Operating Expenditure)Predict Commodity RequirementsOtherSentiment analysisLoyalty programsSensor dataAlertingWhat's going to fail?De duplicationProcurementUse Cases That Need Fleshing OutProcurementNegotiation & vendor selectionAre we buying from the best producerMarketingDirect MarketingResponse ratesSegmentations for mailingsReactivation likelihoodRFMDiscount targetingFinServPhone marketingGenerally as a follow-up to a DM or a churn predictorEmail MarketingOfflineCall to action w/ unique promotionWhy are people responding- How do I adjust my buy (where, when, how)?"I'm sure we are wasting half our money here, but the problem is we don't know which ad"Media Mix OptimizationKantar Group and Nielson are dominantHard part of this is getting to the data (good samples & response vars)HealthcareCRM & utilization optimizationClaims codingForumlary determination and pricingHow do I get you to use my card for auto-pay? Paypal? etc. Unsolved.FinanceRisk analysisAutomating Excel stuff/summary reportsSource: Data Science Use Cases

What's the best place on the internet to find early stage startups?

Some early-stage startupsTeller- Teller enables developers to build applications that connect with their users’ bank accounts in a reliable, predictable, performant, and fair manner.Haus- Haus makes low alcohol by volume (ABV) apéritif and sells directly to consumers online.RACEnergy- Racenergy develops electric vehicle powertrains and recharging infrastructure.Prodsight- Prodsight helps product managers make better strategic and tactical product decisions by analyzing live chat transcripts and extracting actionable insights about customer needs.Formulate- Formulate provides retailers and suppliers with AI based analysis of promotion performance.Novakid- NovaKid allows kids around the world to learn English through a remote practice with native-speaking teachers, AI-powered games and training apps.Coda- Coda platform helps mobile games developers to acquire players, apply data science and analytics, and improve monetization, among other services.Axle Payments- Axle is an integrated payments, collections, and financing solution for small freight brokers.9T Labs- 9T Labs enables to print industry-grade carbon composites parts with increased geometrical complexity to enhance functional integration, at a fraction of the cost.99Math- 99math is a multiplayer game to practice math facts in the classroom.Slope- Slope's platform helps insurance companies perform the difficult task of quantifying risk by enabling their actuaries to do better analysis in a fraction of the time.Upgrade Pack- Upgrade Pack is the closed marketplace where airlines and hotels make discounted upgrades available to an exclusive group of ‘member’ consumers.Mercado Labs- Mercado activates the order, re-connecting the entire supply chain to give businesses collaboration, transparency, and predictability across their orders.Yolo TravelTech- YOLO is an intercity bus transportation and mobility platform.Nuweba- Nuweba enables companies to use serverless for applications that require scalability, high performance, advanced application security and deep visibility in real-time.e-Potek- e-Potek's online platform enables the customer to find the mortgage offers of all the lenders on the market in just a few clicks.OpenPhone- OpenPhone offers an app that lets startups and small businesses get a business phone number without a second phone or a second SIM card.Contxtful- CONTXTFUL helps publishers and advertisers reach and monetize highly receptive mobile audiences by measuring human context behind every interaction.Lexop- Lexop helps companies remove friction from collections by offering the most flexible self-service payment experience to their past-due customers.Defendify- Defendify is an all-in-one cybersecurity platform designed specifically for small businesses that offer solutions that are simple, affordable, flexible, scalable and aligns with regulatory needs.Lynq Technologies- Lynq uses its decentralized, private and flexible network protocol for long-range data transmission without infrastructure.Knox Financial- Knox Financial is making investment property ownership accessible and frictionless.WizKlub- Wizklub uses a unique method of developing and nurturing Higher Order Thinking Skills in children.Basma- Basma is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) dental company that offers custom invisible aligners.Encantos- Encantos is a kids-focused media company that designs, develops and distributes character-led educational content on themes like languages, geography, culture, math, science, civics, social-emotional, etc.Yogi- Yogi helps companies decipher customer feedback using natural language processing and artificial intelligence.Loop+- Loop+ is using sensor technology to continuously monitor patients with chronic conditions at home who are at high risk of health complications.Wereldo- Wereldoaims to revolutionize logistics by making it easier, faster, and more cost-efficient to move goods from point A to point B anywhere in the world – via container ships, planes, trucks, and trains.ProGuides- ProGuides creates highly engaging courses with eSports pros, data-driven progress trackers, and a marketplace for on-demand coaches.AirSpace Link- Airspace Link is a unified airspace regulatory SaaS platform working directly with the FAA, state & local government and the drone industry.ChAI- ChAI leverages Artificial Intelligence techniques on Alternative Data in order to forecast commodity prices.Vero Leasing- Vero is a real estate technology company that enables renters, property owners and brokers to complete the residential leasing process with unprecedented speed and ease.Noquo Foods- Noquo Foods aims to develop plant-based food alternatives that are tastier, more nutritious and more sustainable starting with plant-based cheese.StoryChief- StoryChief enables businesses to manage the blog and social posts, across multiple channels all from one place.Nupay- Nupay is a B2B focussed payments and banking services company enabling digital payments and automation of account receivables payables processes for Enterprises.MEDdelivery- MEDdelivery is a B2B pharma-tech platform that organizes and integrates commerce, logistics, and data across a single value chain for daily fulfillment of Indian retail pharmacies.Elypta- Elypta is a molecular diagnostic company focused on preventing cancer mortality by developing a liquid biopsy platform for detection and monitoring of the disease.Konfinity- Konfinity offers cutting edge online coding courses that train students and professionals to be software engineers and helps them get placed in high paying jobs, all at no up-front cost.Vicarius- Vicarius empowers companies with proactive attack mitigation strategies for software vulnerabilities in real-time.TriggerMesh- TriggerMesh provides complete lifecycle management of serverless functions and tools for enabling application workflows across clouds and traditional data center applications.Agnetix- Agnetix provides LED lighting solutions for cannabis and agricultural production that includes a powerful, highly-efficient, liquid-cooled LED grow lighting platform, designed to reduce operational energy costs and significantly improve crop yield.Cann- Cann creates a cannabis-infused social tonic that is both low-dose and delicious.Tealbook- Tealbook empowers procurement teams with a platform that leverages advanced AI to deliver better visibility, increased accuracy and effortless analytics across the supplier base.Moov- Moov is a technology-driven marketplace and asset management platform that matches buyers and sellers of pre-owned semiconductor manufacturing equipment.Adjacent Academies- Adjacent Academies ensures that liberal arts graduates have the skills, networks, and opportunities to shape and lead in a world of rapid technological transformation.Mera Cashier- Mera Cashier helps small and micro businessmen to manage their credit transactions digitally over their phone instead of using manual methods like bahi-khatas, registers, and notebooks.Mine- Mine’s AI-based platform enables every digital user to discover, understand and effectively manage what the internet knows about them - their digital footprint.Dataseat- Dataseat helps mobile app advertisers to manage programmatic media buying in-house.Fresh Bowl- Fresh Bowl is a zero-waste food brand that serves healthy, made-from-scratch meals in reusable packaging delivered in kiosks around NYC.Biograil- Biograil is manufacturing a device contained in a standard size capsule able to deliver active substances into the gastrointestinal wall.Katana- Katana helps direct-to-consumer manufacturers to manage inventory, production and business operations.Seekyo- Seekyo develops a drug candidate that specifically targets solid tumors.QuickBus- QuickBus aggregates booking for all major bus operators to create greater simplicity for travellers.TurtleTree Labs- TurtleTree Labs is the cell-based milk company using technology to create real milk from animal cells, with no animal needed.TestFit- TestFit is a powerful building configuration software leveraging the practical generative design.Aadar- Aadar is an ayurvedic brand that is focused on developing products for common but chronic ailments and other lifestyle segments.Pawlicy Advisor- Pawlicy Advisor is an independent marketplace for finding the best insurance coverage for pets at the lowest rate.Loliware- LOLIWARE combines seaweed intelligence with innovative manufacturing methods to create plastic-free material.Nurturey- Nurturey algorithmically connects parents to trusted NHS information at the relevant stage of the child’s growth and empowers parents with digital tools to systematically manage all important health events and receive alerts.U-Nest- U-Nest makes it easier for families to save for college and other educational expenses via tax-advantaged college savings plans.CellFE- CellFE is focused on the application of microfluidics in the process of delivering gene-editing molecules into human cells.ProEves- ProEves is an online preschool, day-care centre booking platform, and, childcare benefit provider.Float- Float specialises in a highly accurate cash flow forecasting and budgeting solution for small to medium-sized businesses and accounting firms.Host- Host connects businesses hosting events with certified and insured bartenders on-demand.Toddle- Toddle is an all-in-one platform for PYP planning, student portfolios, reports, and family communication.Iterative Scopes- Iterative Scopes is a software-only gastrointestinal data company, working to deliver AI toolkits to the practice of gastroenterology, to provide real time actionable insights to providers.Arpeggio Bio- Arpeggio's technology combines a proprietary biological assay and machine learning algorithms that, together, enable rapid, high-resolution snapshots of cellular dynamics following drug treatment.Uplevel- Uplevel is an engineering effectiveness platform that leverages machine learning and organizational science to champion behavior change with insights, coaching, and actions integrated into your daily workflow.Swell- Swell is an automated growth platform that helps businesses find new customers and turn their feedback into reviews and referrals.Treadwell Therapeutics- Treadwell is developing small molecules designed to leverage world-class, innovative science in cancer biology and immune-oncology.Prisync- Prisync is an intelligent pricing SaaS for e-Commerce, allowing users to track competitor pricing and optimise their own.Jeff App- Jeff gives access to credit for a large portion of the unbanked population via tapping into the power of alternative data.TechnifyBiz- TechnifyBiz is an online B2B marketplace for non-perishable food commodities, including nuts, seeds, dry fruits, specialty grains, and honey.Klub- Klub provides growth financing to high-affinity brands across sectors like F&B, direct-to-consumer brands in fashion, lifestyle, FMCG, and consumer internet brands through its platform.Embodied Labs- Embodied Labs is the leading immersive platform using virtual reality (VR) to revolutionize training for the aging care workforce.Dottid- Dottid's CRE tech platform provides a single location for owners, brokers, and tenants to seamlessly transact throughout the leasing process.SIMBA Chain- SIMBA Chain's smart-contract-as-a-service (SCaaS) platform enables users to quickly develop and deploy blockchain dapps for iOS, Android, and the web.Keito- Keito is an AI company that offers deep-learning (DL) systems for ensuring enterprise productivity.Epifi- EpiFi is working on a neo-banking platform that will focus on serving millennials in India.Ripplr- Ripplr provides a complete package of Logistics, Distribution and Retail ecosystem solutions with complete visibility of the product in different phases of the logistics and retail eco-system.Scoodle - Scoodle enables tutors to showcase their talents by sharing answers which makes it easy for parents and students to assess a tutor before enquiring or booking a lesson.e-Zn- e-Zn has developed a breakthrough electrochemical technology, the Zn Reactor, for storing energy in zinc metal.New Age Meats- New Age Meats aims to develop technology to make meat from animal cells instead of animal slaughter by using automation and data science in stem cell research and bioreactor optimization.This- THIS is a plant-based meat alternative that produces meat-alterative bacon rashers, flavored chicken pieces, and chicken goujons.LettUs Grow- Lettus Grow design modular, aeroponic irrigation and intelligent control technology to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and ROI of indoor farming.BioSkryb- Bioskryb is bringing new solutions for cellular heterogeneity, in both the research and clinical space studies, using a proprietary genome amplification system.Ori Biotech- Ori Biotech's proprietary, a flexible manufacturing platform that closes, automates and standardizes manufacturing allowing therapeutics developers to further develop and bring their products from pre-clinical process development to commercial-scale manufacturing.MICLEDI Microdisplays- Micledi Microdisplays develops super-bright, high-resolution microLED displays for future AR glasses.Docket- Docket is a meeting intelligence platform that enables and enhances every stage of the meeting by providing tools that create better meeting habits for greater efficiency and alignment.MiAlgae- MiAlgae utilizes by-products from whisky distillation processes to produce the high-nutrient microalgae, which is a sustainable solution for aquaculture and pet food ingredients.Rheotv- Rheo TV is a game streaming platform that aims to make professional game streaming a mainstream career option in India.MySpotit- MySpotit is a solution that gives a fast and comfortable inspirational space to organize more meaningful meetings.Debut Biotechnology- Debut Biotechnology help the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries manufacture high value molecules by combining custom designed immobilized enzymes with continuous biomanufacturing processes.60Hertz - 60Hertz is maintenance and training software that helps operators manage critical, remote, energy assets.M1neral- M1neral is building the first all-in-one transaction management platform for minerals and royalties.Ride Health - Ride Health partners with healthcare organizations and transportation providers to manage transportation benefits, strengthen enterprise transportation programs, and drive intelligent transitions of care.TeleVet- TeleVet streamlines the relationship between pet practitioners and pet parents through seamless communication via texts, emails and video calls on its platform and app.TaxBit - TaxBit enables widespread cryptocurrency adoption by automating the regulatory hurdle of tax compliance.Repisodic- Repisodic connects post-acute care providers with discharging hospital, patients and their families to coordinate care and improve outcomes.Edquity- Edquity helps college students manage the money they have and find the emergency supports on- and off-campus – as well as emergency dollars.BuildPan- Buildpan helps developers to test, integrate, and deploy IOS and Android apps.CollBox - CollBox empowers small businesses to send past-due receivables straight from their accounting books to an ethical, effective debt collector in just three clicks.ThanksPankaj

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