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PDF Editor FAQ

Who employs Gang Stalkers?

EDIT: This answer is long and in parts with additions over time. Please do not confuse this as jumping around and not connected. I’m just not that good of a writer, and am usually very pressed for time and money and do this at a public cafe. One thing has led me to another and without the prior, wouldn’t exist, therefore, I see them as connected.anyone with enough money and a stick up their ass who is connected, because you have to know the right person. What has made a real mess out of this and allowed a few people to hide amongst the masses like the cowardly pieces of shit they are, is societies general consent to throw the rights of a small subset who are simply not prepared or capable to defend themselves against the onslaught which is dropped on them from and by every level and every walk of life, right out the window.So when a handler, the person who receives a usually monthly stipen which has been setup as some type of fiduciary regulated payment, he then uses that at his discretion to encourage or purchase illegal and scandalous, merciless acts perpetrated by a single person or a group against a target as performance on an agreed contract.The handler is usually retired military with some years accrued in the service. They most likely will have seen combat, and or, are recon or people who have been exposed to the intelligence community such as the CIA, sis or mi6, aman or mossad, kgb or east german stasi and are aware or schooled in the tactics of human psychological warfare which they have seen or practiced in live combat situations and which they are willing to use on anyone for a price.The beauty about this is that it only takes one or two individuals and a comparatively, relatively small amount of money to turn an entire community against an individual. These guys will turn otherwise law abiding police officers into their puppets and have them crossing a line they can’t go back over. As a bonus and depending on the handlers political beliefs and agendas, he can work both sides of the coin for the price of one while advancing his political or racial beliefs.And all from the comfort of his Laz-y-boy while hitting the pipe and sipping cognac. I have been observing a seventy year old US Marine Corp combat veteran who was discharged for a mental disability, or so he says, do just this now for about two years. He claims to have been here for the past twenty and his story is confirmed as to length of time.He claims to be receiving benefits from the government, however, I’ve caught him in couple of indiscretions as to his story. So he’s been tripped up but doesn’t know it. Lies in regards to policy and procedure which have no grey area, therefore, that’s a pretty big gap in his cover.Child support, violence against women and sex offenses seem to be the big three as for motives, and, on a scary note. Some of these cases seem to come from men, like an aledged victims father who has passed away and has vowed to strike from the grave as to seeking revenge. Kind of a perfect crime scenario as far as the contractee goes.It would be easy to throw law enforcement up on a cross at this point, however, they know what is going on, but, probably aren’t in a position of making a viable move on this type of activity.But remember, these guys have been used and made fools of. Something they can never change. They’ve for the most part thrown the country’s long standing reputation right down the tubes. Forgotten their sworn oaths. Something they can never take back, and not only have to remember everyday for the rest of their lives, but, even when they look their kids in the eye. That’s got to piss them off like you and I can’t ever imagine.Do you think you’d want these guys on your ass after what has been done to them as payback for the price of their souls?This is as dark and foul as it gets, and, I’ll bet the farm on this one. The people responsible for gang stalking are going to pay.I can’t think of a denial in words equal to the task.addition: this answer is developing on an ongoing real time basis daily. There is a development which is linking gang stalking to trata de blancas, or, white slavery. Human trafficking. This activity is taking place within a few miles of the border in Tijuana/San Ysidro. People long associated with smuggling and the recruitment of “drivers” who as far as I can tell are just being setup for an encounter with waiting CBP. The recruiters are paid pretty well. There is a “boss” who I believe is the liason between the street recruiters and HLS. Furthermore the “boss” has links to the private security industry in the USA, or, maybe even as a police officer, more then likely in Mexico, but, who crosses frequently.Their specialty is deception and betrayal. I can’t see HLS/CBP not being aware of this. Once you get past this deception and what is giving rise to this developement is that an equal goal is defamation and separation based on influence of female counterparts, possibly for the purpose of turning them into sex workers. An interesting statistic I read the other day put sex sales ahead of drugs annually in the USA. If true, there is a pretty great demand for loyal workers.stayed tunedOK, here it goes. Straight the fuck up. 9–10–2019 3:39pm PST.The USA has apparently for a very long time, offered rewards for people giving up people who were “smuggling” contraband into the USA. And, paying pretty good money at that.Now, I’ve been staying in Mexico for eleven years to avoid sleeping on the streets of San Diego. I have been conducting an investigation into problems which beset me many years ago. The following is the product to date of that investigation. The names being used are real as well as the actions and activities described.There are four things which are on and crackin’ at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Trata de Blancas, sequestradores, robar de infantes and trafficante de organes. Everything ties into these four one way or another. A tangent if you will, but, all connected someway to these four.Then with the influx (segue 1991) of millions of Mexicans flooding the border unimpeded, local businesses found a need for bilingual persons to fill the gaps created by different languages and a need to conduct business and direct employees.All this activity cleared way for always hustle ready Mexicans looking to exploit whoever and whatever they can to the fullest. Being very heirarchy conscious people, bosses or jefes hold a special place or a heavy influence on those who work for them.Herein, lies the story of Enrique. He got his start at the KMart located in San Ysidro, facing Mexico. It’s closed now, but for many years was probably the southern most retailer on the border of that size.Now, Enrique somehow ended up with the job of head security man at KMarts. His specialty was choke holds, something he learned in his days on the streets of Tijuana, running with little 5 man chokeout crews and utilized that tactic in the USA violating the rights of many an American, myself for sure.As he told me, “he didn’t care about my rights and that he had experience and knew people in San Diego law enforcement and would be dealing with us and knew just how to.”The way things work down here is that the men, no matter how dirty, funky or stinking they may be, run and control whoever they can assert power and control over. Tijuana streets tend to be full of poor, unsupervised, orphaned and abandoned people from everywhere all looking to come up, survive, be protected and consume. The bosses look at it like everything they see, they own, so, all these people running around belong to them to do with what they please.Therefore a female, solo, is a prime target for predators like Enrique and his lieutenants like long time associate Yolanda, who is a female Adolph Hitler who enjoys the suffering of others and has found a home under the perpetrations of Enrique who either has a lot of cops fooled in the USA and uses this to operate with impunity, or, there are a lot of corrupt cops working all through the County of San Diego.Don’t get me wrong. Both can be nice people. When they want something or are using you, other then that, forget it.My monies on the later.To give you an idea, Yolanda was stabbed 31 times and left for dead in the local graveyard. She claims the attack was a robbery and one of the guys liked her and she refused to have sex with him, so, he stabbed her 31 times.That’s an awful lot of hate for a robbery. Usually there are two things on the minds of thiefs. Acquire the desired item/s and get as far away as quickly as possible. As an experiment, simulate stabbing your table or desk while counting to 31 allowing for a live, moving, struggling target.Not consistent with the actions of thieves, at least in my opinion.In all fairness, Enrique doesn’t like people to know what he looks like. I’ve seen him three times. Once, he was sitting right next to me at the schools administration office waiting area.I was there to discuss my PELL grant, he was there to talk shit about me to the schools administrators. I would soon have to quit because of what he said to them.After everything had fallen apart in my life and i was trying to get a grip on things, the very first hipothesis I had put together I called it the 180 scenario.All things considered, and using a circle with 360 degrees of separation, travel 180 degrees from wherever you are and that is where you will find the truth concerning whoever or whatever you were seeking.So, if Yolanda presents as a ruthless smuggler coordinator/recruiter whose objective is to recruit Americans south of the border and put them in a car and send them north into what was usually the waiting arms of HLS, flip the script 180 degrees and that is what you are really dealing with.Therefore, If Enrique is this elusive smuggler boss and connect, what he probably is the boss or owner of a private security company/civilian police detail who recruits or enslaves the down and out to carry out his dirty work, while he gets paid. And I don’t believe either of them ever end up sharing any of the money they get. If so, it’s just enough to keep you on the hook.09/12/2019I said this was on an update basis. I got a break today. To everyone who is being gang stalked. Use this template to see how it compares to your situation. I’ve worked a long time to get this. I’ve been shot, beat down 19 times, twice while handcuffed and that’s nothing in the overall.Check this out.Remember the 180 scenario?What if:gang stalking isn’t about coming after you, it’s about keeping you from something.All the bullshit that is thrown at you is to distract you and so that people won’t listen to you even if golden nuggets are falling from your lips.the longer they keep you chasing your tail, the longer they can take what is yours.In attempting to ascertain exactly who or who isn’t reponsible in this is also a waste of time. If you are faced with solving an equation with multiple variables trying to determine the value of x but keep hitting dead ends, then the obvious result can be only one thing…..everybody is guilty.In our case, cops, judges, attornies, family, friends, co-workers…you name it.There are several thimgs that will get you stuck in this rut. For right now, I’m going to use child support. If you don’t pay, you are a piece of shit. Forget that you have just gone through the most gut wrenching thing a person can ever experience, whoever you are. That which is reason for any man or woman to take up whatever is in sight and use that until exhaustion drops you….your family is under attack. Your wife, your kids, your life.You are expected to stand by passively while that which would incite havoc and mayhem in every person on the planet hits you from all sides. Remember, this is all fairly new and in a way we have all taken part in the trial and error process of writing the book on this subject.That doesn’t excuse the actions of our politicians who knew exactly what they were doing.Everybody receives a court order stating custody and support arrangements. For me it was 12.50 a week times two. That’s all they wanted. At one point I had arrears of 3,500 dollars. Then the Clintons enacted legislation which took my arrears from 3500 to 26, 000 dollars and change. Overnite. None of this amount affected or changed my order of support as to how much these kids would receive because there was never an order of modification. That means, 22,500 dollars was going somewhere other than to the kids and was in addition to already well paid persons associated with the administration of child support related activities pay packages.last rough estimate I made had something like 34,000,000,000.00 in unpaid support floating around out there. That’s a lot of money. Using my situation, about twenty percent of that goes to the kids. That means that of the 34b, 7b goes to the kids and 27b is up for grabs.That would explain why cops, lawyers and the like have quit their careers to take up jobs opening companys specializing in support collections.I knew a divorce lawyer in San Diego, Charles Kish, who made a statement one time saying, “I wish I had known before about all the money there is to be made in child support. I wouldn’t be doing divorces.” I didn’t know what he was talking about, but it is starting to make sense.So, anybody with $35.00 can go down to the county clerks office, file a ficticious name, post an announcement in a paper, and, boom, you’re in business.Then all you have to do is start snooping in everyone’s business and find out who is paying or owes child support. Find someone who is in arrears and you can attach yourself like a vampire bat to a fat cow at night. Line up enough of these and you are kickin’ back and watching everyone elses money roll in.If you start to search the lower classes where people are not so well informed you can really make this work. People who can’t afford legal advice and so on.So here is what has been happening to me. Twenty years ago, they took my drivers license in a bizzare surreal court proceeding I doubt was even real. There goes my ability to disappear.Then they attack my abilitiy to make money. The kind they can’t garnish. Plasma donations. Pallets. My own businesses. Then they start to do weird shit like follow me only they make it obvious.What do I do? Start telling people, “hey, I got people following me, like everywhere.” What do they say, “oh yeah? Hmmmmmnnn.” “So how are you doing these days anyway Marcos?”Then they get an abnormal psyche book and go right down the line as to abnormal psychic condtions, enact these little drama theaters for my benefit, and, what do I do?Tell people, “hey, guess what?” The same people I told I was being followed. Now I’m starting to look like a real cracker.Who’s doing it? Advocates. Fatherless kids and their mothers. Sympathizers. The police, collection agents, FOC, Arizona Clearing house. Christian church groups. The Urban League. It becomes a real madhouse with little or no supervision.They are vandalizing my vehicles. One day I went outside to find that my truck had been tampered with. Being from the East Coast, I talk different then these West Coasters.So when I related to my therapist that, “yo, I got people under the hood of my truck,” which to an East Coaster like me means that someone has opened my hood and tampered with things mechanical with the intent of causing damage and/or sabotage and left evidence of such in the aftermath.Now to a West Coast Therapist with a way too tight blouse opened up on top and threatening to shoot the first buttoned button at any second from undue pressure being exerted on it, and a round circle opening between it and the next button down, this means that I believe I have actual little people dwelling under the hood of my truck in the engine compartment causing me mechanical difficulties.“I got people under the hood of my truck,” get it? This is the kind of mixed up problems which have contributed negatively to my efforts oftrying to straighten things out. So what do they do? Give me a brown paper lunch bag full of the best psycotropic narcotics the county has to offer and tell me , “see you in three days,” at which time I get another little lunch bag.One time they gave me Risperdal. I don’t know if I would consider this an ill side eefect, all things considered…but, after taking it a bit, I woke up with an erection that would absolutely not quit. Things was, I couldn’t get off either. My girlfriend didn’t know what to think, thank God or run for her life. In all this went on for eighteen hours and was quite uncomfrtable.We stopped at the Lucky SuperMarket in Lemon Grove. It was summer and I had some shorts on. That was an experience I’m here to tell you. When I went to the clinic the next day, the young lady who was listening to what had happened so as to adjust the medication only had one question, “so was it bulging?”I’m not usually at a loss for words, but, I gotta say I didn’t know what exactly she was asking and wasn’t gonna ask her what she meant.I’ve claimed to be sequestered at various times throughout my ordeal, even called the FBI and said I wanted to report a kidnapping. They asked who the victim was, and I responded it was me. They told me not to call back. I was however, very serious what I was saying, and, rightly so.This is how Yolanda and Enrique get over. He has some kind of criminal justice type connections or business license which enables him to perpetrate these be continued10/13/2019Yolanda is MIA, that doesn’t mean anything bad or good has happened to her, I just haven’t seen or heard of her for awhile now.As far as who pays these guys goes, right now where I’m at in Tijuana, they are building like crazy. All kinds of people are gone, as in dead, locked up or God only knows. A guy who gave me a ride mentioned something I thought was interesting. He referred to women down here as “broken toys.”Without a doubt, women are at the center of all this “gang stalking” bullshit. Child support, domestic violence and sex offense accusations are used to implement “fabrication of justification” which is how people are getting away with doing what they are doing.For example: If I have no job and live in Mexico and I want to make money and I’m a female who is or isn’t into selling my pussy for money, I become friends with as many single men who live alone as possible. I go by their places and scope it out. Now I always have people backing me up as I’m part of a crew and we tag team people and share information. We know who the crooked cops are and who will let us operate. We stick to Americans and we find out what dirt we can on them and use this to fabricate justification so that when we do our dirt, public opinion doesn’t do us in. We rob people who go to the states everyday and shoplift to survive. Anybody who has or is doing something wrong, we take advantage of that. That way, nobody is going to say anything. We can operate with impunity.It doesn’t matter to them what the circumstances are or even if someone is innocent or not, they fabricate their justification and are off to he races.This is where gang stalking is originating. Cops are supplying the 411 and/or people within the system who work in sub-contracted security jobs are getting it from where they work and using it to line people up and make them targets for these people to live off of without fear of being caught or be continuedOK 2/26/20 It’s been a few but here it goes. When all this started on me back in 2000, I was taking home $2700 a week, give or take. As my jobs and clients I had in my business dried up due to the relentless non-stop harrassment that plagued me, all my assets and income slid downhill to the point where I had nothing coming in at all. As a result I had to keep finding new ways to make money.This led me to dumpster diving. This led me to conflicts with store employees, security guards and eventually the police. Having no other alternative I thought for years , that I was doing something wrong. In time, as I gathered more knowledge regarding what I was actually doing, I found out that the exact opposite true.I had every right to be where I was, doing what I was doing. I couldn’t believe what I was finding in these dumpsters. Filled, and I mean filled with perfectly good merchandise most of which wasn’t even near the “ëxpiration date.” The only sense I could m,ake out of this was that:No business could throw away the amounts of merchandise in the condition this was in and stay in business for very long, or, who in their right mind would throw obvious profit/money down the drain like this.This merchandise was obviously written off against tax liability to offset the amount of money owed by a corporation in income tax.The IRS didn’t have any field auditors looking in dumpsters and were oblivious to what was going on. They had to be.The reason managers had employees, hired security guards and even police running people off they found looking in dumpsters was 1. they don’t want people to actually become aware of what is actually in there, and 2. they are afraid people will bring it back in the front door for a refund. I mean what good is it to go through all that trouble bilking taxpayers expecting a nice quarterly bonus check to have some bum come back in the front door and negate all your hard work and anticipation?My conclusion was this. Stores use hand held inventory machines to track merchandise. So when they scan this merchandise and devalue it to be written off against their or the manufacturers taxes, take it out back and put it in a dumpster…..whose property is it at that point?Why the taxpayers of the USA, that’s who, and thereby public domain. So to sat that, “no, this is private property,” is a load of bullshit, and, actually opens them up other criminal charges in addition to those they have already committed.Chula Vista, California has a mall located at H street and Broadway. The Mall has a CVS and a Burlington Coat Factory located on the I street side. These guys just love to throw away tons of good stuff so naturally I made this a regular stop.When confronted by mall security, I would just grab my sack full of goodies and walk calmly off the property to the sidewalk where the guards who were dogging me and yelling orders like, “Stop!!” and “put that down,” had to stop because they couldn’t leave mall property.Now I tried informing them of California -v- Greenwood and explaining what was transpiring, but they didn’t care. The obvious next step was threats of calling the police, to which I would stop and tell them, “go ahead, I’ll wait right here.” Which I would do. CVPD would come out and tell me, “no, you’re wrong”amongst other things like, “I’ll arrest you and take you to jail,” to which I would reply, “no you’re not” and this would always turn into an empty threat. I figured I must be right.Well at some point the police must have gotten tired of all the repeated calls by these guys and someone must have given the green light for these guys to physically attack and beat me, and take my belongings.The last two times this happened were pretty serious assault and batteries where one time I seriously had questions as to whether or not I was going to make it. I had four guys on me. One had applied a choke hold and I couldn’t breath. Passers-by called 911.The cops came out and after having me hand cuffed in the back seat and their bodycam rolling, came up to me and wanted me to agree that I was in the wrong and he’d let me go, thereby having a confession of sorts on film. I wouldn’t go along and say what he wanted me to say.So he went over to the guard after telling me and his partner, “we’re going to have to 243 you.” California penal code 243 is battery. So he comes back and informs me I’m being charged on a book and release. They kept my cart and belongings which consisted of a bunch of large bags of M&M’s plain and peanuts.Upon going to court, the prosecutor keeps trying to get me to accept a plea bargain and I keep telling him, “no deals here, my man.” This has gone on for 2 years now, and then the other day I find out I’ve been charged with a felony. A new case where security guards from the same mall say I have taken a defibrulator valued at over $2000 and thereby the charge is grand theft.They say the theft occurred on 09/06/19, they claim to have video of me in the parking lot on 09/08/19, I received mail from local attornies on 09/24/19 offering to represent me on my serious case, but my attorney informs me the prosecutor didn’t file the case until the end of January 2020.Que pedo es esto? Point being, this is how gang stalking works. Police and people with no authority or priviledge to sensitive material can make life real hell on anyone they are so inclined to be continued…26/06/2020Ok, here’s what the past year has brought. Turns out the DA’s tape shows someone who doesn’t resemble me at all, and my attorney has requested a dismissal but has of yet not received a response. The misdemeanor still pends.Looks to me like more tactics to avoid that billion dollar claim filed on 7/22/11. They are trying though. So who employs gang stalkers? Better yet and more direct, “who are gang stalkers?”I’m about 99.97% sure on this. In my situation it came out of Detroit, Michigan as a contract to cover some corrupt activity and keep me down. Iused to think that everyone was “in”on this, but, the way it turns out a very small crew very adept at manipulating the system is responsible, and, make allies out of everyday people through lies they perpetrate to the police, courts, the DMV, MADD, VAWA advocates….anyone who can be counted on to act and react in a normal fashion expected from persons who work at all the desired positions and are normal exhibitors of human nature.Those feelings and emotions which are embedded in us all and elicit elevated emotional responses to specific stimuli introduced into a controlled environment to the unwitting accomplice by a special interest manipulator with knowlwedge and intent to subject the target to an unlimited amount of possible violations restricted only by the accomplices imagination and moral and ethical boundaries. The sim knows full well that the accomplice is going to react.The best part of this is he doesn’t have to pay or come into direct contact with the person(s) and has an army of possible “helpers” at his disposal.And, he doesn’t mind using others in any capacity.Gang Stalking is real. Gang Stalking is as ugly as it gets. It has permitted a lot of people supposedly clean righteous and pious pillars of society to cross a line they can never go back across.It’s like the devil showed up one day and snatched an unbelieveable number of souls in a very short time, and, everyone who no longer has a soul still want to stand around and act like they do. Well, the joke’s on you.People might talk and think a lot of shit about me, and, I may be part of a vastly small minority……………….but I still got my soul. And you?END

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