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Follow the step-by-step guide to get your Site Administrator Evaluation Form edited for the perfect workflow:

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How to Edit Your Site Administrator Evaluation Form Online

If you need to sign a document, you may need to add text, give the date, and do other editing. CocoDoc makes it very easy to edit your form into a form. Let's see the simple steps to go.

  • Hit the Get Form button on this page.
  • You will go to our online PDF editor page.
  • When the editor appears, click the tool icon in the top toolbar to edit your form, like checking and highlighting.
  • To add date, click the Date icon, hold and drag the generated date to the target place.
  • Change the default date by changing the default to another date in the box.
  • Click OK to save your edits and click the Download button for the different purpose.

How to Edit Text for Your Site Administrator Evaluation Form with Adobe DC on Windows

Adobe DC on Windows is a useful tool to edit your file on a PC. This is especially useful when you prefer to do work about file edit in the offline mode. So, let'get started.

  • Click the Adobe DC app on Windows.
  • Find and click the Edit PDF tool.
  • Click the Select a File button and select a file from you computer.
  • Click a text box to adjust the text font, size, and other formats.
  • Select File > Save or File > Save As to confirm the edit to your Site Administrator Evaluation Form.

How to Edit Your Site Administrator Evaluation Form With Adobe Dc on Mac

  • Select a file on you computer and Open it with the Adobe DC for Mac.
  • Navigate to and click Edit PDF from the right position.
  • Edit your form as needed by selecting the tool from the top toolbar.
  • Click the Fill & Sign tool and select the Sign icon in the top toolbar to customize your signature in different ways.
  • Select File > Save to save the changed file.

How to Edit your Site Administrator Evaluation Form from G Suite with CocoDoc

Like using G Suite for your work to complete a form? You can integrate your PDF editing work in Google Drive with CocoDoc, so you can fill out your PDF to get job done in a minute.

  • Go to Google Workspace Marketplace, search and install CocoDoc for Google Drive add-on.
  • Go to the Drive, find and right click the form and select Open With.
  • Select the CocoDoc PDF option, and allow your Google account to integrate into CocoDoc in the popup windows.
  • Choose the PDF Editor option to open the CocoDoc PDF editor.
  • Click the tool in the top toolbar to edit your Site Administrator Evaluation Form on the specified place, like signing and adding text.
  • Click the Download button to save your form.

PDF Editor FAQ

Are librarians under-appreciated?

No, However for all librarians, but especially for school librarians, no one knows what we do! One can easily tell that is the case by noting that our evaluation form is blank as no one knows what to look for. Basically I wrote down in September what I planned to do that year and wrote down in June what I had done. Later the district told the site administrators to use a teacher's evaluation form. That didn't work. We just ignored all of it but the last little blank area in which I wrote what I had always written.Administrators would come by to visit, walk around, see books and posters and students, smile, and go away. When one asked about this book or that I would take him into one of the storerooms, pull out my box of book reviews, and show him how I had decided to buy that particular book. Sometimes I would explain, again, how I bought books at different reading levels in the same topic. Sometimes I would try to walk administrators through the cataloging process. In every case their eyes woukd glaze over and they would beat a hasty retreat never to return again to that process.Some people still think that reviews, selection, cataloging, processing, shelfing, and displays all happen by themselves. They do see circulation happening and guidance, but otherwise they think that librarians simply read all day and look up periodically to say, "Sush."I don't see much difference with public librarians. The ones I talk to have the same feelings.Now I feel strongly that the libraries, themselves, are under-appreciated. I had a constant battle with administrators who saw my facility as an empty space to be used whenever and for whatever they wanted, ignoring the fact that it was a huge investment that was to be open for student use. Every time they ordered it closed for one of their activities, they were stealing taxpayer money which had been spent for a library for our students! It was a constant battle to keep them from using the library as a meeting place, an extra administrator's office, or, worst of all, as a dumping place for disruptive students who had been ejected from a classroom.Everytime I received a notice that the library would be closed, I sent it back saying that No, it wouldn't. Everytime I was ordered to close it to students, I refused, and told the administrator, no matter how high in the district, that I would be happy to meet with him next Thursday evening. They knew what I meant. Thursday evening was when the Board of Education met, and I was perfectly willing to argue this out in front of them.Everytime I received a student from the office instead of a classroom, and the student said that he wasn't permitted to leave the libray, I sent him back to the office. The office called to complain. I used my standard, " I am a teacher, not a prison guard," reply.I could leave the library. My student aides under the direction of my secretary/clerk/technician ( the district kept changing titles) could run it, but I fought hard for many years to maintain it as a library. By the end of my career, administrators gave up the fight and left me alone. They didn't make any changes until I left.Everytime you wonder what a librarian does and what is the putpose of a library just ask one of us. Think about the fact that it takes two years more college after a bachelor's degree to obtain an MLS to be allowed to apply to be a librarian.Now I began this response by typing, No, then telling you of all the things which should point to a yes. Here is why I wrote that No. The patrons. The people who come into the library to use it. It is the patrons we serve, not the administrators, or the social media critics, or even the general public. It is the people who walk through the doors. In my case, they were almost all students. I loved helping them, and they appreciated my help. They returned time after time, before school, at lunch, and after school. Some returned for help for years after they had left my school.I was not under-appreciated by my student-patrons. I bet that college and public and even private librarians feel the same way.

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Granted, not every school district is the same, but how is the grading of teachers now different from what it’s been before?

Teachers are not graded. Teachers are evaluated.That process, its forms, how often it is done, and by whom are spelled out in state law or by contract between the school district and the teachers' association. This means that every one of the thousands of districts in the United States has a different system! My district and I have gone through a series of different systems, based mostly on the latest workshop or presentation we attended before the contract negotiations each time. At one time nurses,counselors, and libarians were evaluated using a teaching form. The evaluators simply ignored the entire form except for the Other comments tiny space and wrote things there. Later, thank goodness, we created a form which said something as: These are my goals for the year and Here are the goals I met. About thirty years ago some attorneys convinced the school district that it was somehow illegal to write anything positive or use the term exceeds expectations on an evaluation, so the evaluations were reduced to boxes of mostly meaningless educational cant which were checked.I do not know the system in use in my old district today. Basically no one likes the evaluation system, and if site administrators did their jobs, there would be so few failing teachers that we could junk the system, but the newspapers put a good deal of pressure on districts to maintain the system. (Yes, you read that correctly, and I wrote what I meant — newspapers.) Veteran teachers find the process annoying and unnecessary, and the time between evaluations keeps being lenghtened. New teachers should be observed, not evaluated, more often so that a good teaching coach, which is a necessary skill for administrators, but which has been nearly completely ignored in hiring them, can help them improve. As most principals are terrible at this, they don't do it, and new teachers can fail or leave the profession.The biggest change I see is the change from evaluation as coaching to evaluation as a punitive act against teachers of the wrong sex, religion, age, and/or refusal to brown nose.Thank goodness for tenure and strong teacher association - district contracts.

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