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Adobe DC on Windows is a popular tool to edit your file on a PC. This is especially useful when you like doing work about file edit on a computer. So, let'get started.

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  • Find the intended file to be edited and Open it with the Adobe DC for Mac.
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Like using G Suite for your work to sign a form? You can edit your form in Google Drive with CocoDoc, so you can fill out your PDF in your familiar work platform.

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  • Select the CocoDoc PDF option, and allow your Google account to integrate into CocoDoc in the popup windows.
  • Choose the PDF Editor option to begin your filling process.
  • Click the tool in the top toolbar to edit your Pregnancy Counseling Form Navy on the field to be filled, like signing and adding text.
  • Click the Download button in the case you may lost the change.

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Is it true that the Indian Navy operates a sailing hospital ship INHS Lakshadweep? Can someone reproduce any authentic reference supporting this claim?

Hey ShubhamNavy’s Medical Mission at Lakshadweep ConcludesThe annual medical camp conducted by the Indian Navy at Lakshadweep Islands concluded at Kadmat Island on 04 Nov 11. A 27 member multi specialty medical team led by Surgeon Commodore Girish Gupta, Commanding Officer, Indian Naval Hospital Ship (INHS) Sanjivani began the mission on 1st November. Medical camps were conducted at the islands of Minicoy, Androth, and Amini in addition to Kadmat. INS Krishna and a Dornier aircraft from Southern Naval Command provided logistical support for the endeavor which is traditionally the opening event in the series of activities leading to the Navy Day on 4th December. Over 2000 islanders benefited from the camp which had specialists in pediatrics, radiology, ophthalmology, gynecology, psychiatry, dermatology, neonatology, dentistry, and medicine from INHS Sanjivani, the Naval hospital at Kochi.Surgeon Commodore Girish Gupta, Commanding Officer INHS Sanjivani while detailing the massive logistical evolution for the mission, stated that the camp is a demonstration of the Navy’s commitment towards Lakshadweep Islands. He also expressed satisfaction at the enthusiastic response from the people. Naval doctors detected high levels of anemia among the population. The medical team also carried out midwifery training for the islanders in view of the relatively modest delivery care there and distance from mainland. A specific case of molar pregnancy was also managed by Naval doctors.Page 2 of 2Lectures on parenting, counseling, and basic hygiene were provided in addition to basic life support training using dummies. The Lakshadweep administration provided unstinted support for the Navy team from mainland.This article is in the Indian Navy website, Link:Navy’s Medical Mission at Lakshadweep ConcludesCheers.:)

Is an obsession with the Tudor period of English history common?

Note from 30 Aug 2013: I came back to look at this answer after getting a little movement and realized it doesn't really answer the question. I have a feeling the question was re-worded sometime after my initial answer.So, to bring this in line with the question as it is currently worded, yes, there is an obsession with the Tudor period, and it is common. I would say it might only be in the U.K. that this is true, but in the U.S. we have a wide range of materials dealing with this specific period in British history. The interest in Henry VIII has waned a bit, but the fascination, like any good Hollywood or Washington scandal, is with his many wives and affairs. He is the most well known historical tabloid figure who leaves Charlie Sheen a pale wannabe by comparison.Yet, the greatest interest seems to be with Elizabeth I. Judging from the plethora of books (including several youth novels), movies and television series, she has captured the interest of a wide range of people. She was a strong female who, against tradition, dictated her own destiny. The nickname "Virgin Queen" is most certainly an inaccurate one, which means she was about as sexually liberated as possible for her time. She was definitely her father's daughter, realizing Henry's hopes for England and developing it into the great power rivaling any other for centuries to come. Through wise counsel, decent strategy and amazing fortune, she brought about the defeat of the world's greatest navy of the time, Spain.But the Tudors also have some of the most intriguing drama. The machinations to bring Jane Grey to the throne, the false pregnancy of Mary, the tension between Catholic and Protestant (mostly started over Henry's desire to divorce and to take control of the vast Catholic wealth in the country).If you were to ask anyone on the street to name an English king or queen, not currently in power, I bet about 50 percent of your respondents would say Henry VIII or Elizabeth.Now, on with my original answer...I am mostly fascinated with what happened after Henry VIII. While Henry was a force of nature in his own right, the succession of his progeny and the politics involved was just mind blowing. I find it most interesting that the man who became so famous for trying to sire a male heir gave rise to the legacy of two very strong female rulers.Edward VI: Son of Jane Seymour. Continued the Protestantization of England begun by his father, but to a greater extreme. Died of Tuberculosis after nullifying his father's list of succession. He rightfully feared his sister Mary, next in line, would revert the country back to Catholicism. He named his cousin, Jane Grey, as his successor.Edward VIJane Gray: Never wanting to take the crown, she was nevertheless forced into it by her mother and the wishes of Edward VI. She was expected to continue the Protestant policies of Henry VIII and Edward VI. Deposed after only nine days, she was eventually executed on falsified charges.The Execution of Lady Jane Grey- Paul DelarocheMary I: Daughter of Catherine of Aragon. Married the Spanish prince Philip (son of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V), immediately reversed all policies put in place by her father and brother concerning Protestantism. She waged a vicious war against Protestants, eventually earning her the nickname "Bloody Mary". She spent most of her reign in false pregnancy. After failing to produce an heir, Philip abandoned her to return to Spain. She died at the age of 42.Mary I - EworthElizabeth I: Daughter of Anne Boleyn. Also known as the "Virgin Queen", she never married, instead using her availability as a diplomatic tool. She was responsible for the defeat of the mighty Spanish Armada and the rise of England's Golden age. She brought back Protestantism to England, but in a much more tolerant manner. She is also notorious for the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, an annointed Queen, who was considered to be plotting a Catholic supported overthrow of the English throne. She is probably the one monarch most favorably remembered by the English People's, and still called "Good Queen Bess". She Reigned for 43 years.Elizabeth I in Coronation RobesThe monarchy in England was always a very colorful affair, but I don't think anywhere near the drama of the later Tudor period.

Can the Army force an enlisted member to do a job other than his/her MOS?

Original Question Can the Army force an enlisted member to do a job other than his/her MOS?Betchyerass they can.My tagline above says 92G. Food Service, now Culinary. Works in a kitchen right?Ive worked asSecurity supervisor for a dining facility, where contractors were doing my normal job. Basically Sergeant of the Guard in Iraq for a whole year. Guarding the servicemembers dining and civilians doing my job for 3 1/2 times what i made.Before that i was they guy who went on buses in Kosovo to check IDs of locals working on the base ( back in 2000)When not climbing into smelly buses on Bondsteel, i worked with Battalion Maintenance as a parts manager. That is, my buddy and i went to the warehouse to pick up parts, logged them into the system back at the expando van, put them in the bins for the line batteries to come get, and took parts that were recoverable back to the warehouse.Truck driver. And i dont just mean hauling groceries. Was one of 6 people in my battalion licenced on the Frieghtliner truck with a lift. And 4 of those others only got a license to look good on their NCOER. Guess who got to drive the Autobahn alot?Was more self serving to keep power up on field sites, but whenever a mechanic was on our generators, i was there too. After awhile, led to the mechanics not visiting us as often as i learned to be an amatuer generator mechanic. (and i was messing with 20 level stuff, not just 10 level i should have been doing anyhow)Was trained, but thankfully did not have to use said training, as my units mortuary affairs NCO. Freaked an LT out though when i said my box needed to go on the pallet going with us not being shipped with connexes. “ what so important SGT to go with us?” . “body bags Sir”. ( faces goes past white) “um, ok SGT. We'll get it in there”.Same deployment was trained on counter IED operations. Theory was i would brief folks going outside the wire. Never got to do that, tho i did get a good cliff notes course on how to make and employ them ( taught by Aussie EOD, not Americans. More hands on rather than powerpoint)First Afghanistan, when i wasnt doing food service tasks ( only 4 days out of every two weeks usually) i was a junior amatuer Supply SGT. The task of sending supplies out to the teams was the same procedure as me sending foodstuffs out, and i did get some cool shit along the way.Same deployment also saw me driving a Hilux and flatbed bongo truck quite often, both for my grocery runs and other needs of my unit. I adjusted to Brit style ( steering and pedals on right side) quicker than some others.Came home early one deployment, was on Rear D for 3 months before going back into the DFAC. That led to all kinds of interesting days outside of my normal scope. Alot of R&U building repair work, but managing folks left behind due to physical injury or pregnancy. Hard to move a 100 lb 4 person carry object when 6 of the 8 people there cant lift 20 lbs.Last deployment sort of did my job. Training Afghan Soldiers how to cook ( ok mainly constant reminders to NOT put the food on the ground). Only time without extra non cook tasks during the deployment.Not exactly gonna count team/squad leader and (acting) PLT SGT roles as its expected within your own MOS. Gets interesting when the company wants to mix platoons up and now youre counseling some who you never see, in a shop you have no idea about, and no idea what they do. My luck was that their usual NCO didnt get one of my cooks, other wise we trade the write ups and put our name in where needed. Yeah part of the job, Reserve side just wanted to make it harder than necessary.And thats not much for 21 years really. Know guys in field artillery doing foot patrols, guys in air defense artillery doing detainee ops. Et cetera, et cetera.Hell, ouside the Army, my kitchen in Afghanistan had three Sailors in it as well. One was a Navy cook, one was an avionics technician and one a rescue swimmer!The guy trained to jump out of helos into the water and save folks still wasnt sure who he pissed off to spend his deployment cooking premade meatballs for detainees 4 days a week!So to recap: Uncle Sam will spend alot of money to teach you to do something. Uncle Sam will then often have you do something completely different.

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