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PDF Editor FAQ

If you are a medical doctor and a malpractice lawsuit was filed against you, were you scared, angry, or both?

Mostly angry.A patient sued me that I had never seen or been asked to see. She dislocated her shoulder and went to an ER where they relocated her shoulder. They said to follow up at my office. She never called for an appointment. The ER never spoke to me about her.. Apparently she waited 3 months and saw an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed her with a rotator cuff tear. Somehow it was my fault for not intuiting that she needed to be seen. At some point the physician becomes responsible but it is at least after that physician has been requested to see the patient. I was not employed by the hospital and had no access to ER records unless I was called in to see the patient or the patient contacted my office.A second one came in for an infection on her hand. I cultured it and put her on an antibiotic. She had no known allergies. It turns out she was allergic to Cipro. I told her to immediately discontinue it and prescribed an unrelated antibiotic. She sued.Another patient had 6 lumbar vertebrae instead of the usual 5. He herniated a disc. In the operative note I described where the herniation was and the counting method. The first non-rib bearing lumbar vertebra was L1 and so he had an L6. Post-operatively he was mostly better. I ordered a new MRI after 6 months. It was done at a different facility and they did no plain x-rays. The radiologist counted up from the bottom starting with L5. This resulted in my op note stating removed the L4–5 disc and the radiologist indicating I had removed the L3–4 disc. Semantics. The herniated disc was gone. Went to court after the medical review panel stated I had removed the correct disc. The plaintiff never even showed. I met with the plaintiff attorney who only wanted an explanation. Case dismissed.Lastly there was the patient when I was first in practice. The anesthetist went to put this young man to sleep and couldn’t ventilate or intubate him. The anesthesiologist came in and re-paralyzed the patient (with succinylcholine). Same result. By re-paralyzing him he extended the inability to breathe to 8 minutes. The blood oxygenation started falling. 90, 80, 70, they were panicking. 60, 50, 40, 30…. They called for an ENT or general surgeon. None were around. I threw some betadine on his neck and did an emergency tracheotomy. Thank God I knew how. I took him to the ICU and gave him large doses of steroids. He was fine except for the scar on his neck and not getting the surgery done. In two weeks I was notified of a lawsuit. So I sent him a letter that I could no longer be his physician. Upon arrival he called the office and said “I am not suing you, you saved my life”. Apparently his lawyer was on vacation and his partner sued everyone. I was dropped from the suit.So yeah, I have been sued. Never settled a case or had a judgement against me. The suits were without merit and made me angry at the time. I lost sleep. In these cases the medical review panel all judged my care as good (the last one never made it to the panel).

How was medical review experience SSB?

First of all I was very happy on getting recommended and that night I along with my pal who was recommended with me enjoyed a lot and next day started the medicals and it continued for the next 2 days and at the end of 2 days the medicals was over and I had 4 TRs1.overweight(16kgs),2.DNS,3.Cubitus valgus, 4. Wax in left ear.I was worried a lot as to how to cope with them and then after the horrifying 42 days of hellish experience which included operation for DNS, starvation and a lot of exercise for overweight and physiotherapy,ayurveda and gym for cubitus valgus, I showed up at the command hospital,Bangalore as it was the nearest to me as I lived in BangaloreDay 1 - ENTThe JCO there took me to audio room in the ENT section and after the PTA test done and the doc tested my left ear and then checked my nose and as I had it operated the deviation in the nose was cleared and I was declared fit in the two aspects.Day 2 - General physicianI had to wait for 4 hrs and the doctor showed up .I was sure to clear this as I had come within the limits for the overweight ( I was 78 during first medicals and had to reduce it to 62 or less and I had come to 61kgs so was sure of clearing this TR).So was declared fit .Day 3- surgical doctorI was not sure about this one aspect but I had done physiotherapy,ayurveda and various exercises at the gym as I had cubitus valgus (my carrying angle was 23 degrees and for defense forces it must be less than 15 degrees). So the doctor took the goniometer and measured it again and I was surprised,all my hardwork had payed off and it had reduced to 13 degrees and I was very happy. I was declared fit .I hadn't eaten for a long time and had a party that evening and ate everything that I could find my hands on. It really feels good to be medically fit after having 4 TRs .This was my story of medical reappeal.All the best.Update - Now even more Happy as I finally got into the merit list and will be going to the academy on 22nd june.

Nurses, have you ever caught a doctor's mistake?

This was a mistake by many people. A person came into the hospital with a perforated colon and had emergency surgery . They were in ICU for 7 days before being transferred out to our unit.When you assume care of a person, you received a chart with every order from day one and a medication list (this one was a humongous book with thousands of pages of documenation). You have to look at the medication list and then you have to find the order that goes with it. This is a very time consuming process, but every single nurse caring for that patient is supposed to do this, every single shift. You review the orders backwards, from the most current to the oldest, so that if the medication was discontinued, you will catch that.You are looking for two things, to make sure that every medication on the medication sheet has a current order and that every medication in the orders is on the medication sheet. The pharmacy also reviews these orders and they would send a new med sheet every morning that had that days medications on it.I noted an unusual medication “caffeine” on the medication sheet. This patient was getting an IVPB (a little bag that you piggy back into the big IV bag) of caffeine every 6 hours and had been getting since surgery. There was no history of migraines so I had no idea why they were getting this. As I reviewed the handwritten orders, I couldn’t find any order for caffeine. On my second round through I noted there was an order for cefotan (an antibiotic) that I didn’t see on the MAR(medication administration record).Looking through this chart it became clear. The pharmacy misread cefotan (in the physician’s horrible handwriting) for caffeine! It was pretty shocking that: a. no one on so many different shifts caught this error b. no one questioned this error c. no one noticed that a patient that SHOULD have been on antibiotics, wasn’t on any?! d. this patient had no indication for caffeine and maybe someone might have questioned the physician.It is very lucky this person did not suffer any infection, colon surgeries need to have antibiotics because the colon has so much bacteria that naturally lives there.That was just a reminder of why you are supposed to do this, why taking shortcuts or “trusting” the shift before you or the pharmacy can be a serious mistake.

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